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Does Elevate Web Builder support Apache, IIS, PHP, ASP.NET, etc. as a back-end web server or application environment ?

Elevate Web Builder client applications consist of a single HTML loader file and a single, monolithic JavaScript application file and, as such, can be loaded from any web server available:

Building Applications

Also, Elevate Web Builder client applications use standard browser API calls for executing arbitrary web server requests (HTTP requests) and loading resources such as images, video, audio, fonts, and external scripts, and can interact with any web server application environment:

Server Request Architecture

However, authentication, security, database access, server applications, and native server modules in Elevate Web Builder requires specific APIs to be available in the web server used to load client applications, and the Elevate Web Builder Web Server provides all of these APIs as built-in functionality.

Please see the following topics for more information on the Elevate Web Builder Web Server:

Configuring the Web Server
Starting the Web Server
Web Server Request Handling
Web Server Security
Web Server Logging
Web Server Authentication
Web Server Authentication API
Web Server Database Access
Web Server Database Access API
Web Server Applications
Web Server Applications API
Web Server Native Modules
Web Server Native Modules API
Web Server Administration
Web Server Administration API

Each of the topics includes reference information on the various requests supported by each API and how the JSON should be structured when interacting with the API. You can use this information to implement these APIs in a different environment if you do not wish to use the Elevate Web Builder Web Server.