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Upcoming Delphi XE2 Support in DBISAM and ElevateDB
Posted by Tim Young on Wed, Sep 7 2011

We are currently working on finishing up Delphi XE2 support for both DBISAM and ElevateDB, and expect to release new minor releases of both by mid-October, at the latest. Both DBISAM and ElevateDB will initially include support for 64-bit compilation only, with Mac compilation coming at a later time.

Due to the ever-increasing number of releases required for each new Delphi version (Unicode, ANSI, 32-bit, 64-bit, x86, ARM, PHP, .NET, ODBC, VCL, LCL), we are currently having to make modifications to our internal build systems to acccomodate new naming schemes for all new builds and releases, in addition to updating the source code base for 64-bit, and that is what is responsible for the delay.

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