Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.01

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.01. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11343Copy and Paste is Not Working for the SQL Query Window in DBSYS UtilityYes
11441DBSYS Reverse-Engineer to SQL Not Generating GUID Field Types ProperlyYes
11442Using an ORDER BY and a GROUP BY in the Same SQL SELECT Statement Causes AVNo
114438711 End of BLOB Errors Being Triggered When Executing an Application in the IDEYes
11458Cannot Use TRUE or FALSE with SQL CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE DEFAULT Clause Without QuotesYes
11459ODBC Data Source Configuration Wizard Dialog Causing an AVNo
11464Executing SQL SELECT with an ORDER BY on Primary Key Causes 8965 Index Page Buffers Corrupt ErrorNo
11477Using NULL in IF() Function in SQL SELECT Columns Causes ErrorNo
11478Large String Expressions in SQL Expression Containing Many Concatenations Causes Stack OverflowNo
11479Executing an SQL SELECT COUNT(*) Query with a WHERE Clause Returns Incorrect ResultsNo
11482Using a Private Directory that is the Same as a Database Directory Causes 11314 In-Transaction ErrorYes
11485LAST AUTOINC Clause Not Including in DBSYS SQL Reverse-Engineer When Not Including DataYes
11486Certain Properties in TDBISAMTable and TDBISAMQuery Components Causing Compile-Time Errors in BCBNo
11488Opening a Table Concurrently While Writes Occurring Can Cause a 8961 Table Corrupt ErrorNo
11491Executing SQL Statements or Filter Expressions that Can Use Descending Indexes Cause Improper ResultNo
11492TDBISAMListBox Component Referencing Invalid Resource NameYes
11494Conflict Exists Between dbisamcn.h and urlmon.h Header File in C++BuilderYes
11495Calling DeleteAllIndexes and Then AddIndex Results in an 8965 Index Page Buffers Corrupt ErrorNo
11496TDBISAMSession Server Pinging Stops Working During Long Activity During Which Pinging Cannot OccurNo
11504Installation of Design-Time Package Fails with Entry Point ErrorNo
11518The OnQueryError Event is Trapping SQL Errors IncorrectlyNo

Minor Problems

11440DBSYS SQL Query Window Anchored IncorrectlyNo
11481Manual Incorrect Describes VARCHAR Data Type as Fixed-Char Data TypeNo