Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.16

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.16. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11886SQL RUNSUM Function Not Working Correctly With NULL Values in Column Being SummedYes
11910OR Conditions Combined with Column Comparisons in WHERE Clause Can Cause Incorrect Live ResultsYes
11914Phantom Values May Show Up in a Query Result Set for a Joined QueryNo
11920Cannot Use the RecordID and RecordHash System Columns in SELECT Statement Column ListYes
11922Triggers Causing Memory Leak by Allocating Temporary Record Object But Not Freeing ItNo
11923Un-Optimized Case-Insensitive Filters Incorrectly Cause a Partial MatchYes
11924Totally Un-Optimized WHERE Clause Conditions Can Cause Slower Than Expected Query ResultsYes
11925OnFilterRecord Not Firing During a Refresh Method CallYes
11926VerifyTable and RepairTable Methods Not Detecting Index Corruption Properly in Certain CasesNo
11927Using UserMinorVersion or any TDBISAMTable Property that Opens the Table Can Cause Write ErrorsNo
11929SQL Joins in the WHERE Clause with Constant Expressions Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
11930TDBISAMTable Password Property Not Working with Remote SessionsNo
11933Deleting a Text-Indexed Column Using ALTER TABLE Statement Can Cause ErrorNo
11935Modifying a Table Involved in a Server-Side Procedure Can Cause Subsequent Table Opens to FailNo
11936In-Memory Table Created with TDBISAMTable in a Server-Side Procedure Inaccessible from a QueryYes

Minor Problems

11912Optimizer Chooses Wrong Plan for Optimized Condition Joined with Same with Zero Candidate RowsYes
11916Assigning a Word Value to the TDBISAMParam Value Property Does Not Work in Delphi 6 and HigherYes
11917SQL and Filter Expression Parsing Allowing LENGTH() Function to Be Used on Binary BLOB FieldsYes
11928DBSYS Plan Shortcut Key Conflicts with Prepare Button Shortcut KeyNo
11931SQL COUNT() Aggregate Function Not Returning Correct Result When There are No Candidate RowsYes
11932Including a String Constant Without Quotes in a SQL WHERE Clause Causes an AVYes
11934Turkish LowerCase "i" Not Being Upper-Cased Correctly in TablesNo