Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.22

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.22. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12122Table Cursors Not Detecting Changes During Manual Refresh With Active Filters and RangesNo
12126Recursive Join in WHERE Clause Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
12127Database Descriptions Not Being Saved Properly in Database ServerNo
12128Using DisableControls While Appending a Record and Updating a Memo Field Causes #8962 ErrorYes
12134Table Can Raise an #8965 Error During Open with Concurrent Delete on the Last Record in the TableNo
12135AfterUpdateTriggers Not Showing the Proper Record Contents if Current Record Falls Out of FilterNo
22141Restricted Transactions Not Acquiring Proper Write Locks During CommitYes
32142Navigation with an Active Filter Can Cause Lockup When Other Sessions Rapidly Edit/Delete RecordsNo
32143Cached Updates Causes #8708 Error on Same Dataset with Different Filtered StatesYes
42150Using NOT Around Join Conditions in WHERE Clause Causes AVYes
42153ODBC Driver Raises Error When Used With Visual CE and PocketPC ApplicationsNo
42154SQL INTERSECT and EXCEPT Operators Not Executing Correctly When CombinedNo
42155SQL MIN() and MAX() Aggregate Functions Not Handling NULLs Properly with Single-Row ResultsNo
42156Restricted Transactions Used in UPDATE and DELETE Statements Not Acquiring Proper Write LockNo
52158DBCMD Server Stops Upon Accepting Connection Under Suse LinuxNo
52160Repairing a Table with a Corrupted Index Results in a #9217 Error Reading File Error on the IndexYes
62157Heavy Updating of Table with BLOB Fields Can Cause #10030 "Invalid BLOB Handle" ErrorNo
62163Opening Multiple Databases in Server Procedure Can Cause Server Crash on ExitNo
62165Using an ORDER BY on an Aggregate Column Returns Incorrect ResultsNo
112129Possible Access Violation When Using Custom Functions That Return Currency ValuesNo

Minor Problems

12130ZLIBPAS.PAS Unit Contains OutputDebugString ReferenceNo
12131Cannot Use the ROUND() Function Outside of a SUM() Aggregate Function in an INSERT StatementYes
12132Sub-Queries On Tables with Descending Index Matching Selected Column Not OptimizedNo
12133ALTER TABLE REDEFINE PRIMARY KEY Not Changing Descending Index Fields to AscendingYes
12136Setting a Range and then a Filter Doesn't Change Logical Record Numbers to Reflect FilterNo
12137Incorrect Password Message in DBSYS UtilityNo
32144LoadFromStream Not Reporting Progress CorrectlyNo
42149Using OnFilterRecord That Includes Small Percentage of Records Results in Navigation ErrorsYes
42151Using LASTAUTOINC Function Before a Parameter in INSERT Statement Causes ErrorYes
42152The Administrative Thread Parameter in the DBCMD Database Server is IncorrectNo
52159Using an ESCAPE Character in the Middle of a LIKE Constant Confuses OptimizerNo
52161Using Joined UPDATE Statement Does Not Work for Calculating a Running TotalNo
62164Calling TDBISAMTable Locate Method with a NULL Variant for a LargeInt Field Causes ErrorNo