Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.28

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.28. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12992DBSYS Utility Incorrectly Truncating Passwords to 30 CharactersNo
12996Updating BLOB Columns with Optimistic Locking Enabled Can Cause BLOB CorruptionNo
22979Backup and Restore Do Not Work Correctly with a Remote Session When Compiled Under Delphi 2009No
23003Text-Indexed Memo and String Fields Not Working Properly When Compiled Under Delphi 2009No
23004Canned Query Result Sets Not Deleting Temporary Tables ProperlyNo
23005Altering a Table and Adding Two Unique Indexes Can Cause Index Corruption If Duplicate Keys ExistNo
33008BLOB Writes Can Experience an #8963 BLOB Buffers Corrupt Error MessageNo
33010Repairing a Table Can Damage the BLOB Data and Incorrect Report Errors When None ExistNo
43012Clearing a BLOB Field Does Not Result in the Field Being Reported as NULLNo
53031Navigating a Result Set Using the Java JDBC/ODBC Bridge Driver Can Cause Invalid Cursor State ErrorYes
53034TEXTSEARCH Function Can Fail Sporadically in Delphi 2007 ApplicationsNo
53037DBISAM Not Re-Using BLOB Blocks for Deleted Records ProperlyNo
63039Inserting and Deleting Records with BLOB Fields Can Cause #8963 BLOB Buffers Corrupt ErrorNo

Minor Problems

12994Locate Method Not Working with AnsiStrings that Do Not Use the System Code Page in Delphi 2009No
12995TDBISAMUpdateSQL Not Working Properly with Delete OperationsNo
53032Internal Table Name Comparisons Invalid for Table Exists FunctionalityNo
53033Cannot Compile DBSRVR Project Under Delphi 2009 Without ErrorsNo
53035Referencing an Invalid Column in a JOIN Condition Causes Incorrect Error MessageNo
53036Database Server Always Writes to Configuration File During ExitNo