Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.00

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.00. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

22647Scrolling an SQL Script in the ElevateDB Manager that is Longer than 64k Lines Causes ErrorNo
22649Creating a Temporary Table in a Procedure or Script Prevents Row Deletions Outside of RoutineNo
22653Joins that Have Multiple Dependencies Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
22654CREATE STORE Causes AV for Remote StoreYes
22659Trying to Load an ElevateDB 1.x Stream Using 2.x Causes ErrorNo
22660Altering a Constraint Causes a Parsing ErrorNo
22661Altering a Table Immediately After Publishing a Table Causes ErrorNo
22662Opening a Table Right After Restoring the Database Containing the Table Causes NULL ColumnValuesYes
22663ElevateDB Manager Issuing Error When Logging In as Non-AdministratorNo
22665Attempting to CAST an Empty String to a FLOAT Value Causes an Access ViolationYes
22666SUBSTR Function Not Handling Non-Constant Parameters for the Second Parameter ProperlyNo
22668SAVE UPDATES Statement Not Clearing Published Updates from Published TablesNo
22669Passing Empty String Parameters to TRIM, LTRIM, and RTRIM Causes an AVNo

Minor Problems

22646Altering a View and Cancelling Causes ElevateDB Manager to Prompt UserNo
22648Changing Result Set Columns for Scripts or Statements Causes Incorrect Result Grid Column DisplayYes
22650Font Size Setting for SQL Editor Not Being Saved Properly in the ElevateDB ManagerNo
22651ElevateDB VCL Manuals Contain Incorrect Path Information for Recompiling Source Code TopicNo
22652WinHelp SQL Manuals Contain Truncated TextNo
22656EXPORT TABLE Example in SQL Manual Refers to IMPORT TABLE StatementNo
22657Altering a Trigger in a Way that Causes a Non-SQL Error Causes "Unable to Focus" ErrorNo
22664Activating Engine without ConfigPath Property Set Causes IDE to Crash or Display ErrorsYes
22667Target Table Constraints Not Displaying Properly without Selecting Target Table in ElevateDB ManagerYes
213279Column SQL in ElevateDB Manager Generated with DECIMAL Precision of 20 Instead of 19No