Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.08

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.08. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13536Derived Tables Using Parameters and UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
13538Expression Errors in Views Can Cause AV When Trying to Display Error MessageNo
13541Altering a Table Causes Generated Columns To Be Re-GeneratedNo
13543Using Parameterized SQL Statements with the ODBC Driver and MS Excel Causes AVNo
13545Setting BLOB Columns to NULL Cause Mismatch Between Row Blob Sizes and Actual Blob BlocksNo
13546Adding a Check Constraint that References a UDF Causes Prepare ErrorNo
13547Adding Month Intervals to Certain Dates/Timestamps Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
13548Close Table Context Menu Option Not Updating Properly After Altering a Table in ElevateDB ManagerNo
13549Tables with Foreign-Key Constraints Can Be DroppedNo
13550CONTAINS Condition with Wildcards Can Return Incorrect Results When Combined with Other ConditionsNo
23552Editing or Deleting a Row From a 2.06 or Earlier Client Can Cause AV in 2.07 or Higher EDB ServerNo
33553Using 2.07 Build 1 Client with 2.08 Build 2 ElevateDB Server Can Cause Access ViolationsNo

Minor Problems

13533ElevateDB MS Help 2 Namespaces Conflicting Between Delphi/RAD Studio VersionsNo
13535ODBC Driver Not Working Properly with ODBC Join Escape SequencesYes
13537DEFAULT Expressions for BYTE Columns Cause Parsing ErrorYes
13540SendStatusMessage Method for External Modules Not Working ProperlyNo
13544Breakpoints for Scripts Not Being Set Properly in the ElevateDB ManagerNo