Icon New Incident Reports for 1.19

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.19. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1497"True" as a Constant Still Not Working Properly in SQL StatementsYes
1498Mixing ASC and DESC Keywords in an SQL ORDER BY Clause Does Not WorkNo
1500Using a TDBISAMQuery as the Source of a Lookup Field Causes Incorrect Lookup Values to be ReturnedNo
1501Index Backup File Not Being Deleted Even When SuppressBackups Parameter is Set to TrueYes
1502AVG Aggregate Function Not Working Properly in SQL SELECT QueriesNo
1503Partial-Match Filters Using Swedish Language Driver Not Working ProperlyNo
1504INSERT and UPDATE SQL Statements Not Handling NULL Constant Values ProperlyNo
1506Mixing SQL SELECT LEFT OUTER JOINs and INNER JOINs Results in Improper ResultsNo
1507Restructuring is Causing Blob Fields to Get Changed to Binary FieldsYes
1509Reverse Engineering a Table Using a Language Driver with Comma Decimals Causes Error in CodeYes
1510Incorrect Header Corrupt Error Message Being Triggered Upon Opening a TableNo

Minor Problems

1505Reverse Engineering Dialog Does Not Mention Delphi 5No