Icon New Incident Reports for 2.04

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.04. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1639>= or <= Join Operators Not Working Correctly in SQL SELECT StatementsNo
1640Exceptions Not Being Raised Properly Inside of SQL DML StatementsNo
1641Executing Multiple SQL INSERT Queries within a Transaction Causes a Corrupted Header Error MessageNo
1643CAST SQL and Filter Function Not Working Properly When Converting Dates to StringsNo
1644Record Locks Not Being Respected with UPDATE SQL StatementsNo
1645TDBISAMSession Component Auto-Starting When Setting Certain PropertiesNo
1646Using a Large Index Key Size with No Compression May Cause #8965 Corruption Error MessageNo
1647Embedded Quotes in SQL and Filter Strings Not Being Handled ProperlyNo
1648SQL SELECT Queries with a Live Result Set and a Limited Field Set That Includes BLOBs Causes ErrorYes
1649TDBISAMQuery Parameters Property Editor Dialog Not Working Under Delphi 3No
1650Specifying a Non-Existing Column in an SQL SELECT Join Condition Causes an AVYes
1651Using a Numeric in SQL BETWEEN that is Greater Than the Range of a SmallInt Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
1653Repeatedly Executing Different Dynamically-Built SELECT Statements Causes Slowdown Over TimeYes
1654SQL SELECT Inner Joins Not Working Properly in Multi-Way Join ScenarioYes
1655Executing a Filter or SQL Where Condition with >= and <= Range Comparisons Doesn't Work ProperlyNo
1660SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statements Taking To Long to ExecuteNo
1661Using the Locate Method with a Null Value Causes the Locate to FailNo
1662Brackets Around Column Names in SQL Statements are Not Consistent In FunctionalityYes
1663SQL INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE Statements Could Cause Lock Timeout ErrorNo
1665SQL ALTER TABLE Statements Require Repeat of Column Name for REDEFINE ClauseYes
1666SQL AVG Function Causes Sum of Column for Last Record in Result Set Instead of the AverageNo
1670Using the LoadFromStream Method for In-Memory Tables Does Not Reflect Contents Without RefreshYes

Minor Problems