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Serious Serious
Reported By: Jan Derk
Reported On: 10/25/2000
For: Version 2.04 Build 1
# 646 Using a Large Index Key Size with No Compression May Cause #8965 Corruption Error Message

I downloaded the DBISAM v 2.04 and sadly it corrupts my table. I get consistantly a #8965 error with a quite simple table. This problem does not appear with v2.03.

I'm using a quite simple table with some string, integer and boolean fields and 1 Blob field to store a image bitmap. When adding data to the table the error always appear within minutes when saving data. After this happened the error always appears when using OptimizeTable(). Repairtable() still works, but does not repair the problem. Doing another Optimizetable after repairtable still shows the same error.

Comments Comments
This problem normally only occurred with very large index key sizes ( > 100 bytes ) and was due to a reduction in the amount of buffer space allocated for indexes in version 2.04. Version 2.05 now has reduced the maximum index key size from 1024 bytes to 512 bytes and put the buffer allocation sizes back to the same as 2.04 in order to avoid any future issues with this problem.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/26/2000 in version 2.05 build 1