Icon New Incident Reports for 2.11

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.11. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1818Using Column Names in VALUES Clause in INSERT SQL Statement Causes ErrorNo
1822Using a Non-Equality (>, >=, <, <=) Operator with INNER JOINs Causes Incorrect Results in SQL QueryYes
1827Master-Detail Link Dialog Not Showing Proper Key Field AssignmentsYes
1829New Product Versions of Installations Use Old Product Settings During New InstallationYes
1830Using SaveToStream to Load an In-Memory Table into Another Stream is not Working ProperlyNo
1831D6 Build Does not Implement InternalPost Method Correctly Causing Required TFields to Be IgnoredNo
1833DBSYS Utility Not Generating Correct Reverse-Engineering Code for Delphi 6Yes
1834OnFilterRecord Callback Filters not Being Applied After Other Filters in Some CasesNo
1835Delphi 6 Full Version Build Not Built Correctly and Causes Error During CompilationNo
1836In-Memory Tables Save to a Stream Occupy Too Much SpaceYes
1898SQL SELECT Statement with Join and SELECT * as Column List Causes ErrorYes
1899Using SQL HAVING Clause Containing Two SUM Aggregates from Different Tables Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
1900SQL Returns Incorrect Results for Query on Non-ANSI Table with Index Containing Single String ColumnNo
1908Optimizing a Table Will Reset the Last Auto Inc Value for the TableYes
1909Dividing Two Integers in an SQL or Filter Expression Produces Incorrect ResultsNo
1910Cannot Perform an IS NULL Comparison on Bytes Fields in an SQL or Filter ExpressionNo
1911Running an SQL Statement with the EXTRACT Function on NULL Date Columns Causes Error in Delphi 6No
1913Attempting to Delete a Record that is in Edit Mode and Has Been Modified Causes Unlock ErrorYes
1914Setting Active Property of Table to True Causes StoreDefs Property to Toggle to True AlsoYes
11095Internal Declaration of GetTickCount Variables Incorrect and Can Cause Range ErrorsNo

Minor Problems