Icon New Incident Reports for 3.03

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.03. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1924SQL RUNSUM Function Not Handling Promotion of Integers Properly when Summing ValuesNo
1928SQL COUNT Operation on AutoInc Columns that are Part of a the Target of a LOJ Cause Incorrect ResultYes
1930Date/Time Values not Being Interpreted Properly When Containing 12:00 AM Time ValuesNo
1932Remote Tracing not Reporting Trace Message Values Properly in all CasesYes
1936TDBISAMQuery Component Does Not Detect Paramters When a Semicolon Exists in a StringNo
1938DBSYS Utility Not Creating Proper Reverse Engineering Code for C++BuilderYes
1951NULL Values in Records Causing Invalid SQL COUNT Aggregate Values to be ReturnedYes
1952Creating a Table with a Record Size Greater than 8192 Bytes Causes Data Record Buffers Corrupt ErrorNo
1953Multiple Consecutive Quotes Not Being Reduced Properly in SQL and Filter String ConstantsNo
1954SQL INSERT Statements Appending NULL Byte to End of Memo ColumnsNo
1955Ordering by BCD Columns in SQL ORDER BY Clause Produces Incorrect ResultsNo
1956Executing a SQL Query that Mixes SQL-92 and SQL-89 Joins in a Certain Order Can Cause an AVNo
1957SQL INSERT Statement Confusing String Constants as Column NamesNo
1958Copy Table Functionality in DBSYS Allows for Blank Table Name in Save Table DialogYes
1959Transaction Commit Time Longer than Necessary Due to Increased Flushing to DiskYes
1960Using Function Call Around Column Name Causes SQL Engine to Not Determine Columns vs. LiteralsYes
1961An IS NULL Test Against Column in a Target Table of an SQL LEFT OUTER JOIN Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
1973UpgradeTable Not Converting BCD Fields Properly when Regional Settings Do Not Use Period for DecimalNo
1984DBSYS Reverse Engineering Option Not Including Variants Unit in USES Clause for Delphi 6Yes
1985Setting Any TDBISAMSession Properties Such As ForceBufferFlush Causes Error When Connecting as AdminYes
1986Using SQL CREATE TABLE Statement with Invalid PRIMARY KEY Fields Does Not Raise an ErrorYes
1987Dead Server Sessions are Possibly Getting Removed Prematurely When Maximum Dead Sessions ReachedYes
1988CAST Function Not Working Properly When Casting to DECIMAL (BCD) Field TypeNo
1989TDBISAMQuery Component SaveToTable Method Not Working for Remote ConnectionsNo
1992Changing the Unique Flag for an Index and Then Restructuring Can Cause Index CorruptionNo
1998PhysicalRecordCount Property of the TDBISAMTable Component Returns 0 When Connected to a ServerNo
1999Adding and then Deleting the Same Index Twice with AddIndex and DeleteIndex Causes #9217 Read ErrorNo

Minor Problems