Icon New Incident Reports for 3.07

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.07. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11053Comparing a LargeInt to a Constant Causes Incorrect Results in an SQL SELECT StatementYes
11054Optimistic Locking Allowing Overwrite of Record on Second Post AttemptNo
11055TEXTOCCURS Function Not Returning Correct Results When Partial Words are Specified for SearchNo
11056Specifying Time Constants in Filters or SQL with No Seconds Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
11057Using RecNo Property to Navigate Between Records in a Query Result Set Incorrectly Positions RecordNo
11058Modifying a Field in a Remote Live Result Set that is Used for Another Calculated Field Can Cause AVNo
11059Modifying a Field in a Live Result Set that is Used for Another Calculated Field Can Cause NULLsNo
11060Possible AV When Using NOUI Parameter for Database Server StartupNo
11061SQL COUNT(*) Returning Incorrect Results when First Column in Source Table is NULLNo
11062Closing a Table or Query that is Used as a Lookup Source or with Locate Method Causes #15002 ErrorNo
11063Using AVG() SQL Aggregate Function on Date or Time Fields Results in Floating-Point ColumnNo
11064Using a Query Result Set Containing an AVGed Column in Another Query Can Result in AVNo
11065Runtime LIB Files Missing from C++Builder 5 and 6 InstallationsNo
11066Memory Leak Exists When Opening up Live SQL Query During a Remote SessionNo
11067Record Deletion Being Allowed by Table Component When Another Table Component Has the Record EditedNo
11074Need to Stop Automatically Populating the Contents of the TDBISAMSession PrivateDir PropertyYes
11083Deleting a Record that is Edited Currently by Same Table Component on a Remote Server Causes ProblemNo
11163Multiple Quotes Embedded in SQL or Filter Expressions Not Being Resolved ProperlyNo
11174ROUND() SQL and Filter Function Returning Incorrect Results in Some CasesNo

Minor Problems