Icon New Incident Reports for 3.10

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.10. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11106Deleting a Record in Edit Mode after Editing BLOB Field Causes #8963 Blob Buffers Corrupt ErrorNo
11111Trying to Edit a Deleted Record Using Optimistic Locking Results in an #8709 No Current Record ErrorNo
11112Executing a Joined SQL UPDATE Statement that Updates a BLOB Field Causes #8708 Record Changed ErrorNo
111138708 Error on Blob Open Can Cause Blob Pointer CorruptionNo
11114Calling RestructureTable with Empty Full Text Space or Index Characters Results in No Text IndexYes
11115RepairTable Method Not Repairing Duplicate Record IDs in Corrupted TablesNo
11116Setting a Query Parameter to an Empty String Does Not Result in a NULL ParameterYes
11117Editing a Record with an Active Filter Containing a TEXTSEARCH Function Causes Record to DisappearNo
11118DBSYS Reverse Engineering Generating Incorrect C++Builder CodeNo
11119Adding a Very Large List of Stop Words During a RestructureTable or ALTER TABLE Causes AVNo
11121A TEXTSEARCH SQL Query that Only Contains Stop Words or Non-Include Chars Returns All RecordsNo
11122Using REDEFINE on a Column and the Primary Key in an ALTER TABLE Causes Incorrect Key FieldsNo
11123Using REDEFINE without an AT Clause Causes Column to Be Moved to End of Columns in TableYes
11124ReadOnly Property of TDBISAMTable Always Resets to False when Opening the TableNo
11125Using Quoted Column Names in LEFT OUTER JOIN Conditions Causes Type Mismatch ErrorYes
11126Executing an SQL Script that Ends with an SQL SELECT Causes Error on Remote ServerNo
11127Using a Filter or SQL WHERE Clause with Multiple Optimized Conditions Can Cause Un-Optimized ResultsNo
11128MaxRowCount Not Working Properly for Query Result SetsYes
11129Trying to Create an Index on a Column that Contains Duplicate Values Causes #8965 ErrorNo
11130DBISAM Allowing the Creation of More than 30 IndexesYes
11131Using TDBISAMTable ExportTable Method on a Remote Server Causes #15002 Uncompress ErrorNo
11132Internal Handling of Virtual File Handles for File I/O Using Improper Allocation MethodNo
11133SQL and Filter NOT BETWEEN Operator Not Working ProperlyNo
11134Unlocking a Table While Records are Still Locked Causes Problems when Unlocking a RecordNo
11145Using an Invalid Column Alias in SQL CREATE INDEX Index Columns Does Not Cause ErrorYes
11146RepairTable Method of TDBISAMTable Component Always Returns False When Using ForceIndexRebuild=TrueYes
11147SQL DELETE FROM with a Join Can Cause 8708 ErrorNo
11148Re-Connecting to a Disconnected Session with Active OnFilterRecord Filters Causes Problems on ServerNo
11149TEXTSEARCH SQL and Filter Function Not Working Properly with Asterisks for Wildcards in WordsNo
11150Removing an Active Session from the DBISAM Server Causes AV in DBSYSYes
11171Executing a Live Query with a Constant Expression in the WHERE Clause Returns Incorrect ResultsNo
11284Remote Sessions Always Reporting the RecordCount Value for the PhysicalRecordCount PropertyNo

Minor Problems

11120Display of Include and Space Characters in Structure Information is Dropping the Last CharacterNo