Icon New Incident Reports for 1.05

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.05. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12433Calling FlushBuffers Method While in a Transaction Causes Premature CommitYes
12435Un-Optimized Locate Returns True for Tables with Deleted Rows that Satisfy the LocateNo
12438Unicode Errors Causing Format Error Instead of Displaying ErrorNo
12515BACKUP DATABASE Statement Causes #1300 "Error Reading File" ErrorNo
22442Expressions in the RAISE Statement Cause and Compile Error or Access ViolationNo
22448Inserting BLOB Column Value via the Delphi ADO Components and ODBC Driver Causes ErrorNo
22450Locates that Can Use an Existing Index Return True After Last Table Row DeletedNo
22451Cancelling a Long Query that is Returning an Insensitive Result Set Causes the Query to RestartNo
22453LoadFromStream and SaveToStream Methods Not Working with Remote SessionsNo
22456Using an ORDER BY Clause with Two or More Expressions Causes AV with RequestSensitive=TrueYes
22458Parameterized UNION Queries Causing Access ViolationYes
22459Non-Join Expressions in JOIN Clause of SELECT Statement Can Cause Access ViolationYes
22462CDCollector Example Application's .DPR File CorruptedYes
22463NOT IN Sub-Queries Returning Incorrect Results with Sensitive Result SetsNo
22464ALTER DATABASE Not Working When Modifying DescriptionNo
22465A Filter on the Detail Table in a Master-Detail Link Do Not Refresh Properly When Master MovesYes
22466Unicode ODBC Driver Not Working ProperlyNo
22467Refreshing a View After Another Session Has Updated the Source Tables Does Not WorkNo
22468IMPORT TABLE Not Working Properly for Unicode ApplicationsNo
22469NOT EXISTS Operator Not Working Properly in UPDATE or DELETE WHERE ClauseNo

Minor Problems

12434EXPORT TABLE Statement With TIME FORMAT Clause and Without AM/PM Literal Clauses Causes AVYes
12436Setting Previously-Assigned OnFilterRecord Event to Nil Can Cause Access ViolationNo
12437Long Database Names Cause Invalid Temporary Table Identifier Error with SQL QueriesYes
12439Using TABLE Clause Causes AVNo
12440CDCollector Example Application Raises Error when RunYes
22449Error Not Raised when CASCADE Option Used with Foreign Key DefinitionsYes
22452Transactions Topic in Manual Shows Wrong Parameters for StartTransaction MethodNo
22455Altering a Column's Type in the ElevateDB Manager Causes SQL Compilation ErrorNo
22457Reverse Engineering Adding Version Number with International Decimal SeparatorNo
22460ElevateDB Manager Does Not Start Up with the Main Window Centered on the DesktopNo
22461ORDER BY Clause Is Allowed in a CREATE TABLE AS Statement SELECT PortionNo
22470Using OLDROW or NEWROW Aliases with USING Clause Parameters Causes Compilation ErrorYes