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Reported By: Abdulaziz Jasser
Reported On: 10/2/2007
For: Version 1.05 Build 2
# 2461 ORDER BY Clause Is Allowed in a CREATE TABLE AS Statement SELECT Portion

In the following SQL the "ORDER BY" clause in not respected when createing the table with the data. Is this a normal behavior for the "ORDER BY" clause when creating a table?

CREATE TABLE tbSwitches AS SELECT * FROM MyDatabase.TB_BranchSwitchs WHERE BranchSysNo = 1 ORDER BY SwitchNo WITH DATA ';

Comments Comments
The ORDER BY should not have been allowed in this context. In addition, this also applies to the INSERT statement's SELECT portion when using a sub-query to insert rows from one table to another. Per the release notes:


As of version 1.06, using an ORDER BY clause with the SELECT portion of an INSERT statement or a CREATE TABLE AS statement will result in a compilation error. The ORDER BY clause in these cases does not have any bearing on the resultant inserted rows or created table and this has caused considerable confusion.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/3/2007 in version 1.06 build 1

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