Icon New Incident Reports for 1.06

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.06. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12474Unicode ElevateDB Manager Has Problems with Loading SQL Files Due to Bug in BDS 2006 WideStringsNo
12480Refreshing an Open Non-Updateable View After Changes Made by Another Session Can Cause Lock ErrorNo
12481Importing TimeStamp or Time Columns Can Cause #904 Import ErrorNo
12483INSERT INTO..SELECT Statement Does Not Work With ParametersNo
12484Using Very Long Database Names Can Cause Invalid Temporary Table Error During ALTER TABLE ExecutionYes
12485USE Statement in a Job or Script Can Cause a Hanging Read Lock on the Database Being OpenedNo
12486Attempting a DELETE Operation On a Cursor Without an Initial FETCH Causes Nothing to Get DeletedYes
12487External Functions Not Working Correctly in SELECT WHERE Clause With Insensitive Result SetsNo
12493Using a Parameterized Query With an Insensitive Result Set and Reading a BLOB Column Causes HangNo
12496Editing a Row in a Sensitive Result Set So That It Falls Out of the WHERE Clause Causes Locate IssueNo
12500Access Violation When Updating a COMPUTED or GENERATED ColumnNo
12505Dropping the System-Defined Administrator Causes AV When Querying Configuration DatabaseNo

Minor Problems

12476Script Conversion in TEDBScript Component Not Formatting Output ProperlyNo
12477Line Numbers Incorrect for EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Compilation Errors in a Stored Procedure or ScriptNo
12478Properties Window View of SQL Not Using Customized Colors and Fonts in ElevateDB ManagerNo
12479Closing a Stored Procedure Result Set Window in ElevateDB Manager Does NothingNo
12482Setting TEDBTable RecNo Property with Range Set Causes Incorrect Row PositioningNo
12488Constraint Errors Not Identifying Which Table's Constraint is Being ViolatedNo
12489Reverse-Engineering in ElevateDB Manager Ignores Text IndexesNo
12490TEDBQuery Not Working as a DataSetProvider for TClientDataSetNo
12491OPTIMIZE TABLE Syntax Incorrect in the ManualNo
12492EXPORT TABLE Statement Not Exporting 12:00 Afternoon Time Values Properly with PM IndicatorNo
12494Reverse-Engineering Generating Incorrect CREATE INDEX Code in ElevateDB ManagerNo
12495Exclusive Table Opens May Fail When TEDBSession KeepTablesOpen Property is TrueNo
12497ElevateDB Manager Startup Position IncorrectNo
12498Error 406 When Migrating DBISAM 2 DatabaseNo
12501Very Long Scripts Cause Cursor to Disappear in ElevateDB Manager SQL EditorNo
12502Migrator DLLs Do Not Contain Version InformationNo
12503BDS 2006 C++ Header Files Reference EOF SymbolNo
12504Binary Literals with Lower-Case 'x' Prefix Not Interpreted CorrectlyNo
12506Affected Row Count Returned for INSERT INTO..SELECT Statement Always 0No