Icon New Incident Reports for 2.13

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.13. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13841Unicode ElevateDB Server Cannot Start and Raises "Cannot Write Lock Configuration" ErrorNo
13842Reverse-Engineering Not Handling Mutual Dependencies in Tables Due to Foreign Key ConstraintsYes
23870Cannot Alter Triggers that Contain ErrorsNo
23871Excluded Sessions Cannot Connect When EDB Server's Licensed Session Count Set to 0No
33888Integer Overflow in Maximum Row Count Checking in the EngineNo
33891Generated C++ Header Contains Conflicting DeclarationNo
33893Trying to Use a Remote Session with an Encrypted Connection Causes ErrorNo
33894LIKE Operator Not Working Properly with Trailing Single Wildcard or Blank CharacterNo
33895Combining Optimized and Un-Optimized Conditions with OR Operator Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
33896Using an In-Memory Configuration Can Cause a Database Locking ErrorNo
33897Nested Derived Tables Can Cause Access ViolationYes
33899Editing a CLOB Column Directly in the Grid in the ElevateDB Manager Results in Truncated CLOB TestNo
33901Computed Columns Not Available in OLDROW Column Values in TriggersNo

Minor Problems

23872SQL Procedures/Functions Require at Least One ParameterNo
23873Rows Affected Incorrect When ERROR Triggers Suppress Exceptions During INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETENo
33890SQL Manual Incorrectly Refers to DOUBLE and FLOAT Types as 32-bitNo
33892TEDBScript ConvertSQL Method Not Generating Correct SQLYes
33898Aggregate Functions Impoperly Allowed in SELECT Sub-Query WHERE Clause and Causes AVYes