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Serious Serious
Reported By: Joerg Philipp
Reported On: 6/10/2003
For: Version 3.24 Build 1
# 1365 SaveToStream Method Can Cause a Lockup in the Database Server

The Database Server (3.24) freezes sometimes. I encountered following situation where it happens (all are remote sessions):

- the 1. client opens a table on the server and leaves it open all the time.

- the 2. client opens the same table, loads it into local memory with SaveToStream and LoadFromStream. Then closes the remote table.

- a 3. client opens the table, while the 1. client still has it open. Now the Server and all clients freezes.

After this, I can only kill the database server with the taskmanager. With SrvAdmin I can login, but it freezes too if I try to remove clients.

Take a look at TDataTable.EndBufferLoad: Shouldn't you call UnlockFileHandler instead of LockFileHandler there?

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 7/17/2003 in version 3.25 build 1