Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 3.25

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 3.25. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11341Using Wildcards Only with LIKE Operator Causes No Records to Be ReturnedYes
11354Invalid Date/Time Values in String Fields Converted To Date/Time Fields Causes Invalid DatesYes
11362Security Hole in Server Permits Login with a Blank User Name and PasswordYes
11365SaveToStream Method Can Cause a Lockup in the Database ServerNo
11372ROUND() SQL and Filter Function Causes Improper ResultsYes
11376Losing a Physical Server Connection and Then Re-Connecting Can Cause Thread AV on ServerNo
11377Certain Recursive SQL JOIN Statements Can Cause a Stack OverflowNo
11379Certain Combinations of Non-Join Expressions in SQL Joins Can Cause Improper ResultsYes
11383Certain Server Exceptions are Being Reported Incorrectly on the ClientYes
11384Deleting Records from a Table in Reverse Order Causes an 8708 "Record Changed" ErrorYes
11385Repairing Tables with Modified Buffering Parameters Causes Index CorruptionNo
11386CopyOnAppend Causes 8708 Error with BLOB FieldsNo
11387Comparing a UPPER() Expression Against an Non-UPPER() Expression Can Cause Incorrect SQL ResultsYes
11388Mixing Multiple Columns from Different Tables in Expressions in SQL WHERE Clause Causes ErrorNo
11389Cannot Create a File DSN Using the ODBC DriverNo
11390SQL Join Parentheses Not Being Parsed Properly and Cause Error in Crystal ReportsYes
11391Specifying a Catalog Name Containing an Underscore in the ODBC Driver Causes Tables to DisappearYes
11394SQL DEFAULT, MIN, and MAX CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE Clauses Not Requiring QuotesYes
11398Using a NOT Operator With an OR Expression From Two Different Data Sources Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
11399DBSYS Always Prints to the Default Printer Regardless of Printer Dialog SelectionNo
11400SQL HAVING Clause Using Wrong Aggregate Expression for Evaluation and FilteringYes
11405Using a Column Name as the Search String Argument to POS or OCCURS Function Returns Incorrect ResultYes
11410Record Is Not Being Unlocked Automatically When Table is Closed While In Edit ModeYes
11413ODBC Driver Not Updating Memo Data Correctly Using Visual Basic 6No

Minor Problems