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Serious Serious
Reported By: Billy Mitchell
Reported On: 7/13/2003
For: Version 3.24 Build 1
# 1390 SQL Join Parentheses Not Being Parsed Properly and Cause Error in Crystal Reports

The following is the FROM statement created by Crystal Reports. This is the error I get when Crystal tries to show the report:

Seagate Crystal Reports: Database Error
ODBC error: [Elevate Software][DBISAM Database System] DBISAM Engine Error
# 11949 SQL error - Mismatched join parentheses
OK ---------------------------

I can take out the parentheses, and the FROM statement will work fine. The only problem is there are 65 reports to maintain. This will be a problem every time I have to resyn the reports with the database every time I make changes to either one.

    { oj ((("Insured_Policies_HO" Insured_Policies_HO INNER JOIN
"UW_Underwriter" UW_Underwriter ON
        Insured_Policies_HO."UnderwriterID" =
     INNER JOIN "TurnerDB"\"Agents" Agents ON
        Insured_Policies_HO."EnterpriseID" = Agents."EnterpriseID")
     INNER JOIN "Insured" Insured ON
        Insured_Policies_HO."InsuredID" = Insured."InsuredID")
     INNER JOIN "Enterprise" Enterprise ON
        Insured."EnterpriseID" = Enterprise."EnterpriseID"}
    Insured_Policies_HO."PolicyID" = 80542

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 7/14/2003 in version 3.25 build 1