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Serious Serious
Reported By: Markku Nevalainen
Reported On: 4/2/2004
For: Version 4.05 Build 1
# 1647 VerifyTable and RepairTable Methods Not Detecting and Repairing Certain Types of Corruption

That's all it says, and I have thought that Verifying a Table would also check the indexes. And report possible Duplicate indexes if such exists. Now it looks Verifying a Table does not care at all about the Duplicates, but happily reports that the table is OK.

If you test the Table with Optimize method, then now it alerts you about the duplicate index. But the error report is not very usable,
because it does not report for example the Index Key value of those record(s) where the duplicates were found.

I had trusted to the Verify method, and this has lead to occasional, nasty erroneous behaviour with some customers. For instance copying an Order to another Order occasionally threw the new Order to some unexpected, random customer.

3011384 <--- Erroneous index

I was finally able to isolate the error case to that a small 10 record database, and continue testing there. The Table and the 10 records look perfectly OK in Database System Utility, and all seems to work right with Queries etc, but it does not, and I keep wondering why I get those occasional error reports from clients.

Comments Comments
The problem is also present in 3.27 (fixed in 3.28) and has to do with duplicate record IDs being present in the indexes due to corruption.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/6/2004 in version 4.06 build 1