Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.06

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.06. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11619SQL SELECT Statement GROUP BY Clause Not Working Properly Without an ORDER BYYes
11621Calling a Server-Side Procedure Can Result in an AVNo
11622Server-Side Procedures Are Not Respecting User Security for ProceduresNo
11624Using Parameters with SQL Scripts Is Not Working Properly with the OnGetParams EventYes
11626Using a Constant Expression in an SQL JOIN Condition Causes an AVYes
11628DevExpress QuantumGrid Has Problem When Adding New Record with Memo EditingYes
11630Using Filter Conditions in SQL JOIN Clause When Joins Can Be Optimized Can Produce Incorrect ResultsYes
11632Using an Un-Optimized Condition in an SQL SELECT WHERE Clause Can Cause Slow Results with JoinsYes
11634SQL COUNT() Aggregate Function Returning NULL Instead of 0 When All Column Values Contain NULLsYes
11636Removing a Password from a Session with Open Encrypted Tables Requiring It Can Cause CorruptionYes
11637Kylix 2 and 3 Trigger an AV in the IDE When Adding Persistent Fields Using the Fields EditorNo
11640Trying to Restore a Backup to an In-Memory Database Does Not Work in DBSYSNo
11641Multiple UNION Clauses Can Cause AVNo
11645Attempting to Edit a Record that Has Previously Been Deleted Results in an Unlock ErrorNo
11647VerifyTable and RepairTable Methods Not Detecting and Repairing Certain Types of CorruptionNo
11650Trying to Use the SQL or Filter EXTRACT Function Fails with TimeStamp Error Under Delphi 6 or HigherNo
11665Using UNION Queries in a Subselect Query May Cause an Access ViolationYes
11671TDBISAMTable AddIndex Method Not Creating Indexes Properly When Table is Already OpenYes
11677Setting a Filter that Contains the <> Operator on a Table with Deleted Records Causes #8965 ErrorNo
11682Using TDBISAMBlobStream Truncate Method Does Not Work When Reducing Size of BLOBsNo
11689Using the NOBACKUP Clause with the ALTER TABLE SQL Statement and REDEFINE Does Not WorkNo
11690SQL UNION and UNION ALL Operators Resulting in Incorrect ResultsNo
11594Encryption and MD5 Hash Code Can Possibly Cause a Lockup on an AMD Machine Due to Integer OverflowsNo
11693Executing a SQL RENAME TABLE Statement Causes a #10031 Table Is Already In Use ErrorYes
11695Emptying a Table During a Transaction and Then Rolling Back the Transaction Can Corrupt the TableYes
11696Altering the Locale of a Table Can Cause Index Corruption If Locale Change Causes Duplicate KeysNo

Minor Problems

11633AutoInc Fields Setting TField Required Property to TrueYes
11646Filters and SQL Evaluating Too Many Records with Mixed Optimized and Un-Optimized ConditionsNo
11649FindKey, FindNearest, and SetRange Methods Not Working with Int64 FieldsYes
11666Using Complex Expressions with IF Function THEN or ELSE Clauses Does Not WorkYes
11667Error Code 11308 Is Listing Under the Wrong Numeric in the Error Codes and Messages AppendixNo
11669SQL Parser Allows the Definition of Two TOP Clauses in a SELECT StatementNo
11674The Source Code Provided with the Installations Does Not Match the Run-Time Library BuildsNo
11675Remote Sessions Not Properly Aborting Remote Operations When Reconnects DisabledNo
11679What's This? Help in DBSYS Utility Is Incorrect For Default, Min, and Max Validity Checks DialogNo
11681Filters Are Being Parsed and Verified When the Filtered Property is FalseYes
11683Setting a Filter On a Large Table While a Range Is Active Results in Slower Results Than ExpectedNo
11684Canned Query Result Sets Are Being Defined with a Unique Primary Key from the Source TablesNo
11686DBSYS Structure Dialog Needs AutoScroll=False So That It Looks Correct Under Windows XP ThemesYes
11688SQL ALTER TABLE Documentation Missing REDEFINE PRIMARY KEY SyntaxNo
11691DBISAM_LOCKTIMEOUT Constant Is Still Listed in the Manual As ValidNo
11692Cannot Specify Negative Numbers in Default, Min, or Max Values in an SQL CREATE TABLE SQL StatementYes
11694Checksums for Records Being Calculated Improperly for Tables with BLOB FieldsNo
11697SQL COUNT(*) Aggregate Function Not Being Permitted in SELECT HAVING ClausesYes
11699The SRVADMIN Utility Prompts for Deleting a "Database" When it Should Say "Procedure"No
11701Opening and Closing Tables in a Multi-Threaded Application with Many Tables Already Open Is SlowNo
11702Database Users Display in SRVADMIN Utility Not Showing Drop, Rename, or Maintain Rights ProperlyNo
11703Setting ixDescending in Index Options During TDBISAMIndexDefs Add Method Does Not WorkYes