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Minor Minor
Reported By: Tim Young
Reported On: 5/10/2004
For: Version 4.05 Build 1
# 1694 Checksums for Records Being Calculated Improperly for Tables with BLOB Fields

The checksums (RecordHash system field) for the individual records are being calculated before BLOB updates and are using the wrong BLOB signatures and block pointer values.

Comments Comments
The RepairTable and VerifyTable functionality will report every record in tables that fit these circumstances as having possible corrupted records (please see incident #1648 for more information on the improvement that surfaces this). Functionally, the "invalid" checksum values were perfectly sound for internal use in DBISAM prior to this improvement. Other than the repair reporting the records as corrupted when they are not, there are no other negative side effects from this problem.

Because of this side effect from the improvement, it is recommended that you run a repair on tables that have BLOB fields in order to correct the checksums. After the repair is initially run, the records will stop being reported as being possibly corrupted due to invalid checksums.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 5/10/2004 in version 4.06 build 1