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Serious Serious
Reported By: Francisco Fernandez
Reported On: 6/9/2010
For: Version 2.03 Build 14
# 3224 Trigger NEWROW and OLDROW Values NULL After Execution of DDL Statements

I have a database with a table called VENTASLINEAS where are the lines of sales documents. This table have three triggers (AfterInsert, AfterDelete and AfterUpdate) that accumulates several amounts in another tables.

Normally all working fine but sometimes, only sometimes and I don't know yet how, when a record of table is updated or deleted the OLDROW values in trigger are NULL and don't discount this values to the tables affected. By this reason I thinked that twice triggers because when update one record I discount old values and sum new values. In this few times the old values are not discount because OLDROW vales are NULL.

I know this because I have changed my triggers and now I'm creating a table where save all triggers movements with some NEWROW and OLDROW values and I can see that sometimes OLDROW values are NULL.

I have not yet reproduce the problem in my pc but yesterday, trying at the customer's pc it fail to me with no errors, only the trigger did not work properly but later I can not reproduce again.

Comments Comments
This problem was very similar to incident report #2871, however, the problem here was the execution of a DDL statement before the table was opened, not while the table was already opened.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/23/2010 in version 2.03 build 15

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