Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.03

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.03. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13030SELECT Statements with Large ORDER BY Columns Can Cause AVNo
13044Specifying a Database Correlation Name in a DML Statement Can Cause #401 Error for Other TablesNo
13045Parameters Not Being Recognized When Used in a UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT SELECT StatementNo
13046Updateable Views Returning Incorrect Columns with Remote SessionsNo
13051Scheduling a Job for the Last Day of a Month Can Cause the ElevateDB Server to CrashNo
13052LOAD UPDATES Statement Not Loading Tables in Proper Referential Integrity Dependency OrderNo
13053TEDBTable GotoKey and FindKey Methods Returning True on an Empty TableNo
13056Putting a Database in the Program Files Folder under Microsoft Vista Causes Access Denied ErrorYes
13058LIKE Producing Incorrect Results for Partial-String Matches with Certain LanguagesNo
13059Adding the Same Table Twice to a SELECT Statement Using a Correlation Name Can Cause ErrorYes
13062Using a Sub-Query that Returns a CLOB Expression in the SELECT Column Expressions Results in NULLsYes
13063Repairing a Table that Contains Foreign Keys that Refer to the Same Table Can Cause Lock ErrorNo
13064Displaying Binary Values in the ElevateDB Manager Can Cause an AVNo
23068LOAD UPDATES Fails with "Column Not Found" Error When Loading Empty BLOB UpdateNo
23070Possible AV When Querying on a Table During Multi-User UpdatingNo
33071Opening the Tables Information Schema Table Can Cause Conversion Error for Published TablesNo
43074ElevateDB Sessions Not Releasing Memory for Cached Updates Manager Until Engine ShutdownNo
43075INSERT INTO SELECT Statements Incorrectly Including Deleted RowsNo
53084Exporting an Updateable View Causes All Rows to Be Exported from the Base TableNo
53085Sensitive Query Result Sets Show Incorrect Results for Generated Columns in Base TableNo
53086Attempting to Repair or Optimize More than One Table in a Row Causes Temporary Table ErrorNo
53088Floating-Point Numbers Cannot Be Entered Properly When Windows Locale is set to SpanishNo
53089ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN..MOVE Clause Can Cause Data Loss Errors When Moving ColumnsNo
53090Dead Sessions on the EDB Server Containing Updateable Views Can Cause Lock ErrorsNo
53091Bookmarks Not Being Set Properly for Navigation of UNIQUE Constraint IndexesNo
53092RIGHT OUTER JOINs Not Working Properly When Not Referring to Immediately Prior TableYes
63093Derived Tables Can Cause AV During Destruction of Owning Query or ViewNo
63095ALTER TABLE Statements That Encounter Errors Can Cause Error About a Non-Existent Temporary TableNo
63097VARBYTE Columns Assignments Causing an AV in Delphi/C++Builder ApplicationsNo
73103ElevateDB Incorrectly Re-Writing LEFT OUTER JOINs that Don't Contain Join ConditionsYes
73104Executing UPDATE Statements Against Tables with Nested Foreign Key Constraints Can Cause AVNo
73106Progress, Status, and Log Messages Not Being Triggered for Remote SessionsNo
73107Running the ElevateDB Server under Windows 98 or Earlier Causes AVNo
73109Self-Referencing Foreign Keys Causing Improper ExceptionsNo
73110GotoCurrent Not Working Correctly with Remote SessionsNo
73111Aggregate Queries with HAVING Clause Used as Sub-Select with IN Clause Can Return Incorrect ResultsYes
73112Using QUOTE CHAR #0 with IMPORT TABLE Statement Does Not Work ProperlyNo
73113CAST Function Not Truncating VARCHAR Columns ProperlyNo
73115Index Statistics Being Calculated Improperly for Tables and Causing Query Optimizer to Make MistakesNo
73117Query Optimizer Making Bad Decisions with Certain Join Re-OrderingsYes
73118Trying to Reconnect a Remote Session After a Timeout Event Causes Server to Not Respond to ConnectsNo
73119Joins Taking Too Much Time and CPU when Executed on Very Large TablesNo
73124Creating a Generated Expression Column with NOT NULL Constraint Causes Parsing ErrorYes
83131Large Keys In Indexes Can Cause CorruptionNo
83132IMPORT TABLE Not Parsing Unicode Characters ProperlyNo
83134Deleting Rows with an Active Filter or Range Can Cause #100 "Buffers Corrupt" ErrorNo
83135Using ALTER TABLE to Move Columns that are Referenced in Triggers Can Cause AVNo
83136Altering a Table Several Times and Trying to Drop a Second FK Constraint Causes Error #401No
83139Setting a Range Can Cause an AVNo
83142Altering a Database to Point to a New Empty Path Can Cause Existing Catalog to Be Copied to New PathNo
93144Cannot Rename an Indexed Column without First Dropping IndexNo
93146Large Column Sizes in ORDER BY Can Cause Infinite Loop When Navigating Result SetNo
93147Modifying the Privileges of the Logged-On User Requires Session RestartYes
93148Altering an INTEGER Column as a Generated Column Does Not Change Column ValuesYes
93150Using Expressions with Sensitive Result Sets and Remote Sessions Can Cause Memory Leak on ClientNo
93151TemporaryTables Information Schema Table Not Reflecting CREATE and DROP Statements AccuratelyNo
93152Queries/filters Not Refreshing on Empty Table After Inserting First RowNo
93153CopyOnAppend Not Copying BLOB Column Values CorrectlyNo
93156Mixing Column References From Multiple Tables in a Function Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
93157Query Optimizer Re-Ordering Joins Improperly When Joins Are Already in the Correct OrderNo
103172Creating or Dropping Tables Can Cause #901 Errors in Functions Used in TriggersNo
103173RENAME TABLE Statement Can Cause AV Later During ExecutionNo
103174Query Optimizer May Re-Order Joins in a Way that Invalidates the Query ResultYes
103176Joins On Tables that are also Referenced in the WHERE Clause Can Cause Performance IssuesNo
103177Transaction Timeout Parameter Not Working for Remote SessionsNo
103178Stored Procedures Not Properly Setting RowsAffected Property in .NET EDBCommand ClassNo
103179IN Operator Not Working ProperlyNo
103181Mixing Column References with Aggregate Functions Causes #700 ErrorYes
103182Using a Tab (#9) Character with the IMPORT TABLE Statement Can Cause ErrorYes
103183Computed Columns Not Evaluating ProperlyNo
103184Using IN Operator with Sub-Query Containing Only Aggregate Function Causes ErrorNo
113185Using ALTER TABLE To Change the Encrypted Status or Index Page Size Can Corrupt TableNo
113186Using ALTER TABLE to Add a Primary Key to an Existing Table with No Primary Key Can Cause CorruptionNo
123187CONTAINS Searches Using More than One Wildcard in Search Words Return Incorrect ResultsYes
123188Parameterized Derived Tables Ignoring ParametersNo
123189Cannot DROP a Column Used in a Constraint that is also DROPed in the Same ALTER TABLE StatementNo
123190Constraint Indexes Can be Dropped Using DROP INDEX StatementYes
123191Using ALTER TABLE to Add IDENTITY Column Causes Column to be Populated with 1 ValuesNo
123192#601 Error When Altering a Table and Adding a New Primary KeyNo
123193#601 Error When Altering a Table and Dropping a ColumnNo
123194Using ALTER TABLE to Alter an Indexed Column on a Large Table Can Cause #601 ErrorNo
133195Temporary Tables Created by DLLs Can Conflict with Temporary Tables Created in Main ExecutableYes
133196CONTAINS/NOT CONTAINS with Wildcards Not Respecting Case-Sensitivity of Indexed Column CollationNo
133197ALTER TABLE Adding/Dropping BLOB Columns Can Cause Blob Corruption in Other BLOB ColumnsNo
133198Tables or Derived Tables That Contain 0 Rows Confusing Query Join OptimizerNo
133199NULL Parameters Incorrectly Returning Rows with = OperatorYes
143204Attempting to Execute RENAME TABLE Statement Against Temporary Tables Cause Access Denied ErrorNo
143205Using IMPORT TABLE to Import a Text File Containing Large CLOB Columns Can Cause Memory ExhaustionNo
143206Executing RENAME TABLE on a Newly-Created Table Can Cause File Manager ErrorYes
143207Cannot Define Recursive Functions Directly and Recursive Functions Cause AV When ExecutedNo
143208INNER JOINs Combined with LEFT OUTER JOINs Not Producing Correct ResultsNo
143209Derived Tables with Parameters Not Executing Properly On Second and Subsequent ExecutionsNo
143212Restoring a Database with Different Table Structures Can Cause Rename Error When Adding BLOB ColumnsNo
143213ODBC Driver Returning Incorrect Column Name for SELECT Expression Columns with Correlation NamesNo
143216Row Pointer Not Re-Positioning Correctly After DeletesNo
143217ElevateDB Server Can Deadlock with Frequent Updates to the Configuration or Database CatalogsNo
143218Using LIKE Operator with a Trailing Single-Character Wildcard (_) Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
153220Connect Errors Cause Access Violation on Windows CE/Mobile with Lazarus/FreePascalNo
153221CONTAINS Operator Not Returning Correct Results When Specifying Multiple Search WordsNo
153222FreePascal/Lazarus Alignment Error When Referencing TDateTimeFieldsNo
153223NexusDB Migrator Converting Non-Unique Indexes to Primary KeysNo
153224Trigger NEWROW and OLDROW Values NULL After Execution of DDL StatementsNo
153225Reverse-Engineering Generating Incorrect Schema Update CodeYes
153226Using COMPUTED Columns Causes AV with Remote SessionsNo
153227Disconnecting and Reconnecting a Remote Session with a Filtered Table Can Cause ErrorNo
153228Changing the Global Delphi/C++Builder/FreePascal DecimalSeparator Variable Can Cause ErrorsNo
153229Parameters Not Working Correctly in Correlated Sub-QueriesNo
153230Cached Updates Not Working Properly When Used with Primary Keys Containing IDENTITY ColumnsNo
163232Running Script in the ElevateDB Manage Debugger Can Cause Invalid Request Error with Remote SessionsNo
163234IDENTITY Columns Not Assigning Values When Inserting Rows with Cached Updates OnNo
163236Removal of Dead Sessions with Open Query Result Sets Can Cause AV in ServerNo
163237Cached Updates Duplicating Rows During Application with Remote SessionsNo
173238Remote Stores Incorrectly Working Like Local StoresNo
173240TableAdapter Fill Method Causing NullReferenceException under Visual StudioNo
173241Deleting the Last Row in a Ranged Dataset Can Cause Incorrect Positioning of Row PointerNo
173242Recursive Functions Can Incorrectly Cause Stack OverflowYes
173243Database Catalog Table Structure Checksums Calculating IncorrectlyNo
183244Random AVs Can Occur When Altering Tables in ElevateDB Manager in a Way that Affects DependenciesNo
183245Altering a GENERATED Column Does Not Update the Row/Index Keys ProperlyYes
183246Internal Temporary Tables Being Included in ServerSessionLocks Information Schema TableNo
183247Manual Row Locks Can Cause AV During Dead Session RemovalNo
183248Attempting to Open a Table that References a Missing External Procedure Module Can Cause AVYes
183249Partial Locates Using Certain Collations Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
183253Queries that Return Sensitive Result Sets Not Matching Ascending/Descending ORDER BY ProperlyYes
183254Certain Collations Not Working Correctly with Text IndexingNo
183255Altering VARCHAR/CHAR Columns Involved in a Key Constraint Can Cause #601 ErrorNo
183256OnFilterRecord Not Being Respected with FindKey/LocateYes
183261Manually Copying a File from a Local Store to a Remote Store Using a Remote Session Causes HangNo
193262ElevateDB Manager Not Picking Up Changes to Procedure/Function ParametersNo
193263Requesting an Execution Plan for UPDATE Statements Can Cause AVYes
193264Script Debugger in ElevateDB Manager Locks Up When Hitting Exception or BreakpointNo
193265Multi-Threading Issue with the DECIMAL/FLOAT Conversion to/from Strings in EDBNo
193266A Failed Lookup Call Causing Subsequent Locate Calls to Improperly FailNo
193267Performing a Locate After an Insert Can Cause Invalid Records to Appear in Attached GridsNo
193268ORDER BY Sorting Not Correct When Only Descending Index Present and RequestSensitive=TrueYes
193269NOT LIKE Operator that Peforms Partial-Length Search Causing AVNo
203273AV Can Occur When Configuration Updated After External Module LoadedNo
203274ElevateDB Manager Script Debugger Can Cause Deadlock with Remote SessionsYes
213277Placing a RETURN Statement Inside of a Nested SQL/PSM Block Causes AVYes
213282ALTER INDEX Allowed on System-Generated Constraint IndexesYes
213284Very Large BLOBs Can Take Excessive Amounts of Time to ReadNo
213285Remote Login Can Cause Session Lock Error If User Name and Password Not Specified During ConnectionYes
213287Adding Months to a DATE/TIMESTAMP Across Year Boundaries Causes Index/Range Check ErrorNo
223316Manually Unlocking All Rows After a Previous Row was Manually Locked and Deleted Causes ErrorNo
223317Locates Can Cause Dangling Read LockNo
223318Large Insert Operations Can Cause Unbounded Growth in Index BuffersNo
223319Non-Updateable Views Can Cause AV When RefreshedNo
223320Dropping a Column and Altering a Constraint in Same ALTER TABLE Statement Can Corrupt TablesNo
223321Sessions that Timeout on the Server Can Cause AV When Remote Session ReconnectsNo
233329Exclusively-Opened Tables Can Cause Excessive Memory ConsumptionNo
233330.NET Data Provider Returns Error When Using Table AdaptersNo
233331ElevateDB Manager Raises AV Exception When Opening Any TableNo
233333Trying to Load Updates For a Database with Circular RI Can Cause HangNo

Minor Problems

13047External Module Parameters Not Working Properly When Constant Passed Instead of VariableNo
13049Migrating a DBISAM 3 Database Table Containing Formatted-Memo Fields Causes #700 ErrorNo
13054Temporary Tables Leaving Behind .OLD Files When AlteredNo
13055Reverse-Engineering Adding Triggers Before Functions and ProceduresNo
13057Exporting Tables from Configuration Database Causes ErrorNo
13060Subtracting a DATE from a TIMESTAMP Column Results in a NULL ValueNo
13061Using the h:mm:ss Time Format with the IMPORT TABLE Statement Can Cause an ErrorYes
13065Using a Parameter in a CAST() Function Can Cause a Conversion ErrorNo
13066INTERVAL Constants Can Be Specified as Integer Constants When They Should Be In QuotesYes
23069Closing a Database Does Not Cause All Temporary Table .OLD Files To Be DeletedNo
53072Migrating a Paradox Table with Paradox OLE Fields Causes ErrorNo
53073ElevateDB Templates Not Installing Properly Into the RAD Studio 2009 IDENo
53087Starting Cached Updates on the Same Base Table Multiple Times Causes ErrorNo
73105Can Delete a Function that is Referenced in a TriggerYes
73108Low Disk Space Not Being Handled GracefullyNo
73114Internal TDataSet InitRecord Method Not Handling Remote Session Connection Errors ProperlyNo
73120Renaming a Procedure Does Not Also Rename the Internal SQL in the Procedures Catalog TableNo
73122Using the Same Parameter Name with Two Different Column Expressions Can Cause Truncation ErrorsYes
73123Delphi 2010 Documentation Missing Section on Tutorial ApplicationNo
83133Certain Filters and Ranges Can Cause Inserted Rows to Be Excluded Improperly from the SetNo
83138Parameters Are Incorrectly Being Allowed in CREATE VIEW StatementsNo
93145ElevateDB Manager Reverse-Engineering Incorrect For Databases without TablesNo
93149Altering a Trigger in the ElevateDB Manager Causes List of Triggers to DisappearYes
93154Double-Clicking on the Tables Node in the ElevateDB Manager Causes Unrelated Table to OpenNo
93155ElevateDB Manager Not Reflecting Disabled/Enabled Triggers ProperlyNo
103171Maximizing and Then Restoring the Main ElevateDB Manager Window Can Cause Properties To DisappearYes
103175ElevateDB Manager Can Raise Exception if an SQL Window is Opened with No Active DatabaseYes
103180ElevateDB Manager Not Showing Constraint DescriptionsNo
143211Trying to Delete a Row that is in the Process of Being Edited Can Cause Table Corruption ErrorNo
143215ServerSessionLocks Table Not Showing Transaction Locks on Un-Opened TablesNo
153219Accessing ElevateDB Manager Preferences Dialog Causes ExceptionNo
163231Dependencies View Not Showing All Dependencies in ElevateDB ManagerNo
163235Parameter Names with Spaces Not Working CorrectlyYes
183250Dependency Support in ElevateDB Manager Causes Major Slowdown with Remote WAN ConnectionNo
183251SQL Execution Plan Hints Showing Incorrectly for Certain ConditionsNo
183252Date/Time Formats for CAST and IMPORT/EXPORT TABLE Not Working Correctly without SeparatorsNo
193260New Warning for Missing Table Files Being Triggered During Database RestoreNo
203275ElevateDB Manager Reverse-Engineering Not Wrapping Large Binary Literals ProperlyNo
203276DBISAM Migrators Not Converting Hexadecimal Integer Values ProperlyNo
213278ElevateDB Manager Table Dialog Not Showing DECIMAL Column Scale Values Properly after Column AlteredNo
213280Column Name Case Not Consistent in ElevateDB Manager Treeview and SQL View after Column AlterationNo
213281Column Properties Do Not Update After Answering No to Table Dialog Prompt in ElevateDB ManagerNo
213283CASTing a BLOB to a VARCHAR Causes First 3 Characters to Be TruncatedYes
213286Double-Clicking on Procedure/Function Dependency in ElevateDB Manager Causes AVNo
223322Freeing a TDataSet Descendant Without Closing Can Cause Dangling Row LocksYes
233332Opening the Same Database Name in Two Different Sessions in ElevateDB Manager Can Cause ErrorNo