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Serious Serious
Reported By: Tiago Ameller
Reported On: 7/19/2010
For: Version 2.03 Build 17
# 3261 Manually Copying a File from a Local Store to a Remote Store Using a Remote Session Causes Hang

I have a server in my LAN. I copy a 680Kb zip file to a folder which is a store of my server. My server has a remote store pointing to a server in my customer site (ADSL connection over Internet) With edbmgr I copy this file from my server to remote one. Doing this, BOTH servers hang.

Comments Comments
This issue was caused by a new internal session locking design to improve the connect/disconnect performance.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 7/20/2010 in version 2.03 build 18

Products Affected Products Affected
ElevateDB Additional Software and Utilities
ElevateDB DAC Client-Server
ElevateDB DAC Client-Server with Source
ElevateDB DAC Standard
ElevateDB DAC Standard with Source
ElevateDB DAC Trial
ElevateDB LCL Standard with Source
ElevateDB VCL Client-Server
ElevateDB VCL Client-Server with Source
ElevateDB VCL Standard
ElevateDB VCL Standard with Source
ElevateDB VCL Trial