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Serious Serious
Reported By: Ulrich Doewich
Reported On: 6/11/2010
For: Version 2.03 Build 14
# 3227 Disconnecting and Reconnecting a Remote Session with a Filtered Table Can Cause Error

I try to reconnect and now I'm getting a

"Exception EEDBError: ElevateDB Error #1103 An invalid or unknown request was sent to the server"

in the DbSessionAfterConnect handler when it processes a DbTableLog.Open instruction. I only noticed this after explicitly adding a try..except to DbSessionAfterConnect and logging the exeception. After it aborts DbSessionAfterConnect on this line, the calling DbSession.Open locks up the application and I have to kill it via Task Manager.

Comments Comments
The problem was caused by a situation where:

1) A table was opened with an active filter.

2) The connection was interrupted, and the remote session was disconnected (Connected:=False).

3) Due to the interrupted connection, the internal filter handle was never cleared because EDB couldn't drop the filter properly.

4) When the connection is re-established (Connected:=True), the dangling filter handle confuses EDB into thinking that an active filter still exists, causing it to make invalid filter calls to the EDB Server.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/13/2010 in version 2.03 build 15

Products Affected Products Affected
ElevateDB Additional Software and Utilities
ElevateDB DAC Client-Server
ElevateDB DAC Client-Server with Source
ElevateDB DAC Standard
ElevateDB DAC Standard with Source
ElevateDB DAC Trial
ElevateDB LCL Standard with Source
ElevateDB VCL Client-Server
ElevateDB VCL Client-Server with Source
ElevateDB VCL Standard
ElevateDB VCL Standard with Source
ElevateDB VCL Trial