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Reported By: Mark Culos [Blackberry Civil Works]
Reported On: 3/29/2013
For: Version 2.12 Build 2
# 3752 ElevateDB Manager Maximized State Not Being Saved Properly

As with an earlier 2.x version of EDB manager, maximizing the window and setting the properties panel height above a certain height causes the manager to not open maximized the next time. For my monitor, 312 is the first height that does the deed.

Window State=2
Window Top=-4
Window Left=-4
Window Height=1580
Window Width=2568
Window Monitor=0
TreeView Panel Top=0
TreeView Panel Left=0
TreeView Panel Height=1385
TreeView Panel Width=250
View State=1
Load Dependencies=1
Task Panel Width=225
Properties Panel Top=1051
Properties Panel Left=0
Properties Panel Height=312
Properties Panel Width=2065
Bottom Panel Top=1448
Bottom Panel Left=0
Bottom Panel Height=76
Bottom Panel Width=2560
Log Messages=1

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/21/2013 in version 2.13 build 1

Products Affected Products Affected
ElevateDB Additional Software and Utilities