Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.13

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.13. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13757Altering a Primary Key Constraint that is the Target of Foreign Key Constraints Disables ChecksNo
13819Changes to Tables Referenced In Views Not Being Reflected ProperlyNo
13822Opening/Closing Tables and Adding/Dropping FK Constraints Can Cause Error #401 and #402No
13823SetRange Does Not Work Properly on Empty TablesNo
13825VERIFY/REPAIR TABLE Statements Not Finding/Fixing BLOB Size ErrorsNo
13830Setting Licensed Sessions to Zero in ElevateDB Server Prevents the Server from StartingNo
13834Issue querying Configuration ServerSessionsNo
23841Unicode ElevateDB Server Cannot Start and Raises "Cannot Write Lock Configuration" ErrorNo
33842Reverse-Engineering Not Handling Mutual Dependencies in Tables Due to Foreign Key ConstraintsYes
33870Cannot Alter Triggers that Contain ErrorsNo
33871Excluded Sessions Cannot Connect When EDB Server's Licensed Session Count Set to 0No

Minor Problems

13752ElevateDB Manager Maximized State Not Being Saved ProperlyNo
13754IMPORT TABLE Statement Not Importing Last Line if the Line is Not Terminated with a CRLFYes
13817TEDBDatabase StartTransaction Not Working with Open ArraysYes
13818TEDBScript Can Cause AV When Using WITH RETURN for Statement That Does Not Return a CursorYes
13824Reverse Engineering Not Generating Upgrade Scripts Properly For Triggers Containing Statement TermNo
13826ElevateDB Manager Constraint Columns List Can Cause Index Out Of Bounds ExceptionNo
13827ElevateDB Manager Causes Execution Error with Comments After SQL StatementsNo
13828Table Alteration Dialog Not Showing Correct Column Numbering When Columns Sorted AlphabeticallyNo
13829LicensedSessions Property Error in ManualNo
13831Error in the CREATE TABLE Syntax Description in the ElevateDB SQL ManualNo
13832Minor Documentation Error in the Executing Transactions Topic of the ManualNo
13833TEDBScript ConvertSQL Method Adding Spaces Incorrectly to CLOB DataNo
13835Creating Foreign-Key Constraints in Non-Temporary Tables that Reference Temporary Tables is AllowedNo
13837Nested Sub-Queries Containing Parameters Within Derived Tables Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
33872SQL Procedures/Functions Require at Least One ParameterNo
33873Rows Affected Incorrect When ERROR Triggers Suppress Exceptions During INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETENo