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Serious Serious
Reported By: John Hay
Reported On: 10/10/2001
For: Version 3.02 Build 1
# 920 Trying to Create .DAT, .IDX, or .BLB files that Exceed 2 Gigabytes Results in Errors when Reading

I have a problem where a blob file will not accept data once it has eached 2 gigabytes. There is no error raised when adding records but subsequently trying to access the blob gives an 8708 error. Repairing the table results in there being no blob data for those records at the end of the file.

Comments Comments
The problem was with file offset calculations being handled as 32-bit integers instead of 64-bit integers. If you are creating tables that exceed 2 gigabytes in size for any of the table files (.DAT, .IDX, or .BLB) you should download 3.03 immediately and not use any prior version. This problem can cause problems with adding data as well as reading it when any of the table files exceeds 2 gigabytes.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/10/2001 in version 3.03 build 1