Icon New Incident Reports for 3.02

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.02. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1901Database Server Reports Wrong Error Message when Database Directory Cannot Be CreatedYes
1902ImportTable Method Still not Working Properly and Raises Error when Importing Large Text FilesNo
1903Using a Constant on the Left Side of a Binary Operation in SQL or Filter Causes Incorrect ResultYes
1904Attempting to Delete a Record that is in Edit Mode and Has Been Modified Causes Unlock ErrorYes
1905Setting Active Property of Table to True Causes StoreDefs Property to Toggle to True AlsoYes
1906Locate on SQL Query Producing a Canned Result Set Causes Field Not Found ErrorNo
1907Floating-Point Constants Not Working in SQL and Filter Expressions in Non-English Windows LocalesNo
1916Using OnFilterRecord Causes Invalid Request with Database ServerNo
1917DBSYS Reverse-Engineering Option Not Handling Appending of Records with AutoInc Fields ProperlyYes
1918Sharing the Same Physical Database Among Multiple Database Components Causes AV on ServerNo
1919Creating a New Table Using the DBSYS Utility Causes the Table Description to not be SavedYes
1920Trying to Create .DAT, .IDX, or .BLB files that Exceed 2 Gigabytes Results in Errors when ReadingNo
1921Dropping a TDBISAMDatabase and then a TDBISAMSession on a Form or Data Module Can Cause AV on CloseYes
1922Setting the Connection Timeout Server Option to 0 Prevents any Further Activity on the ServerYes
1934SuppressAutoIncValues Property Causing LastAutoIncValue for Table to IncrementYes

Minor Problems