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Serious Serious
Reported By: Jason Wilson
Reported On: 10/12/2001
For: Version 3.02 Build 1
# 922 Setting the Connection Timeout Server Option to 0 Prevents any Further Activity on the Server

I used the Server Administration Utility to modify the DbSrvr's Connection Timeout to zero (0). I thought that this would disable the timeout -- I was wrong. Now, I cannot connect to the server through the Admin Utility, DbSys, nor my code. The error returned suggests (correctly) that the session has timed out. I can generally complete the user & password dialog pretty quickly, however it seems I can't quite do so in under zero seconds.

Comments Comments and Workarounds
Server configuration ignores any setting lower than 60 seconds now. Also, the default connection timeout has been changed from 60 seconds to 300 seconds.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/12/2001 in version 3.03 build 1