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Serious Serious
Reported By: Norbert Liew
Reported On: 10/10/2001
For: Version 3.02 Build 1
# 921 Dropping a TDBISAMDatabase and then a TDBISAMSession on a Form or Data Module Can Cause AV on Close

I am getting a Access Violation at DB302D6R.BPL everytime I close my application in Delphi 6 with the TDBISAMDatabase1 component connected property set to true.

Comments Comments and Workarounds
Further inquiry revealed that customer was dropping a TDBISAMDatabase and TDBISAMSession on a form in that order, making the creation order "backwards" in respect to what DBISAM was able to handle due to a bug. Changing the creation order is the workaround.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/11/2001 in version 3.03 build 1