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Serious Serious
Reported By: Rob Rietow
Reported On: 2/5/2003
For: Version 3.21 Build 1
# 1323 Potential AV Could Occur in Engine Change Detection During a Locate Method Call

We have started using madExcept for some of our programs/clients. Does the attached give you any information about what caused this AV? Seems to be in DBISAM routines..

exception class   : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 0060755B in module
'ALPRO.exe'. Read of address 0B40AD28.

main thread ($32C0):
$00607559 ALPRO.exe  dbisamlb     TRecordsBitmap.IsBitSet
$0062C817 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.SkipIndexKeys
$00628D75 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.FindIndexKey
$00630489 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.SetToBookmark
$00630E5D ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.ReadLockTable
$006416DD ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TIndexFile.GetPage
$00642320 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TIndexFile.GetRootPage
$0062049A ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataTable.GetRootPage
$00624D13 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.GetRootPage
$00629AA9 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.UpdateRange
$0062B560 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.RefreshRangeAndFilters
$00630E4E ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.ReadLockTable
$006416DD ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TIndexFile.GetPage
$006204CE ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataTable.GetPage
$00624D4A ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.GetPage
$00634FD3 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.CountIndexedRecords
$00635A06 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.GetOptimizationCount
$0063458A ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.
$00620642 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TFilter.Create
$00632CE9 ALPRO.exe  dbisamen     TDataCursor.AddFilter
$0064F641 ALPRO.exe  DBISAMTb     TDBISAMDataSet.CreateLookupFilter
$0064FD27 ALPRO.exe  DBISAMTb     TDBISAMDataSet.LocateRecord
$0064FE92 ALPRO.exe  DBISAMTb     TDBISAMDataSet.Locate
$0057AEA2 ALPRO.exe  wwdblook     TwwDBCustomLookupCombo.FindRecord
$0057B3AD ALPRO.exe  wwdblook     TwwDBCustomLookupCombo.
$0045A32F ALPRO.exe  ExtCtrls     TTimer.Timer
$0043BE1C ALPRO.exe  Classes      StdWndProc
$77E15B4C user32.dll              DispatchMessageA
$004886CF ALPRO.exe  Forms        TApplication.ProcessMessage
$00488706 ALPRO.exe  Forms        TApplication.HandleMessage
$00488926 ALPRO.exe  Forms        TApplication.Run
$0089FD90 ALPRO.exe  Alpro    212 EntryPoint

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 2/8/2003 in version 3.22 build 1