Icon New Incident Reports for 3.21

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.21. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11293CopyTable Method of TDBISAMTable Component Resetting Last AutoInc Value if Table is EmptyYes
11294Wrong Results with Parameters in SQL WHERE ClauseYes
11297EXTRACT WEEK Function Returns Incorrect ISO Week NumberNo
11302SQL DELETE Statement with Join Condition Not Working Correctly When No Indexes Exist for JoinsNo
11316In-Memory Tables Lose Their Proper Location After a C/S Re-ConnectNo
11318Using More Than One % Wildcard Character at the End of a LIKE Constant Returns Incorrect ResultsYes
11321DBSYS Reverse Engineering to SQL Causes Script Error When Table Description Contains QuotesYes
11322Using an Invalid SQL LAST AUTOINC Clause in ALTER TABLE Results in 0 Value in TableYes
11323Potential AV Could Occur in Engine Change Detection During a Locate Method CallNo
11324Possible AV During Batch SQL INSERTs Within a TransactionNo
11325COALESCE SQL and Filter Function Leaking MemoryNo
11326Restructuring a Table by Changing Index Information Only and then Cancelling Causes Index CorruptionYes
11327Any Severe Error (AV, etc.) in C/S Session Causes Problems when Server Tries to Remove Dead SessionNo
11328Trying to Create a Table in an Invalid Directory Causes Subsequent AVsNo
11329ODBC Driver Can Cause Too Many Blobs Open Error (#9494) When Used with Access XP FormNo
11343Copy and Paste is Not Working for the SQL Query Window in DBSYS UtilityYes
11354Invalid Date/Time Values in String Fields Converted To Date/Time Fields Causes Invalid DatesYes

Minor Problems