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Serious Serious
Reported By: Phillip Koebbe
Reported On: 2/4/2003
For: Version 3.21 Build 1
# 1327 Any Severe Error (AV, etc.) in C/S Session Causes Problems when Server Tries to Remove Dead Session

A severe error such as an AV in a dead session (disconnected) on the server can cause problems when the server tries to remove the dead session, thus preventing the dead session from being properly removed and resulting in an untrapped exception log entry every X number of seconds (where X is the dead session check interval in the server configuration).

Comments Comments
This problem was caused by an AV that has been currently been traced to freeing a query statement in the server, however the source of the original AV itself has not been found or corrected yet. This fix only corrects the subsequent problem that the server has with removing the dead session that first experienced the AV.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 2/10/2003 in version 3.22 build 1