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Serious Serious
Reported By: Fernando Dias
Reported On: 8/5/2008
For: Version 2.01 Build 4
# 2738 Multiple Table Cursors Are Being Permitted to Acquire Concurrent Row Locks on the Same Row

I'm using pessimistic locking, and EDB is allowing 2 table components (referencing the same database table) in the same session to lock the same row simultaneously. After the first one releases the lock, the second can't post or cancel because it isn't able to unlock (because the row is not locked anymore) and generates an error #1006. I'm using EDB 2.01 build 4 with Delphi 2006.

Comments Comments
There were some additional issues along with the above, namely that manual row locks acquired using the TEDBDataSet.LockCurrentRecord method (VCL) or the EDBDataCursor.LockCurrentRow (.NET Data Provider) method call would be incorrectly unlocked during a TEDBDataSet.Post (VCL) or EDBDataCursor.Post (.NET Data Provider) method call, as well as a TEDBDataSet.Cancel (VCL) or EDBDataCursor.Cancel (.NET Data Provider) method call.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 8/7/2008 in version 2.01 build 5

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