Icon New Incident Reports for 2.01

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.01. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12701EXTRACT Function Not Working for TIME ValuesNo
12703OUT Parameters Not Being Populated Properly After CALL Statement Execution in ScriptsNo
12704Changing the Active Index with an Active OnFilterRecord Event Handler Can Cause Access ViolationYes
12706EXISTS Operator Can Cause Incorrect Scalar Sub-Query ErrorNo
12707.NET Data Provider Installation Incorrectly Registers Compact Framework AssemblyYes
12708Derived Tables Cause a Scalar Sub-Query ErrorNo
12709Altering a Job a Second Time Results in the Changes Not Being SavedNo
12712Remote Session Performance Needs ImprovementNo
12714SET STATUS MESSAGE Statement Not Working in Scripts or ProceduresNo
12715TEDBTable GotoCurrent Method Not Working ProperlyNo
12717Executing a CREATE JOB Statement that Inclues a USE Statement Causes Subsequent Lock FailuresNo
12718Setting a Date/Time Value in .NET Data Provider Causes Invalid Cast ErrorNo
12719TEDBSession KeepTablesOpen Property Can Cause Access Error During DROP TABLE ExecutionNo
12720Disconnecting a Session in the ElevateDB Manager Can Leave Empty Open Table WindowsNo
12721The Manage Server Sessions and View Server Session Locks Options Not Working in ElevateDB ManagerNo
12722Multiple Executions of a Stored Procedure that Creates/Drops a Temporary Table Can Cause AVNo
12723Executing a Sensitive Query That Calls a Function in a Different Database Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
22725Copying from a Local Store to a Remote Store Causes a Write ErrorNo
32728.NET Data Provider Installation Still Not Correctly Installing AssembliesYes
42734Setting the EDBCommand CommandText Property with ParamCheck=True Causes Long DelayYes
42735Disconnecting a Session in the EDB Manager While Tables are Open Can Cause an AVNo
42738Multiple Table Cursors Are Being Permitted to Acquire Concurrent Row Locks on the Same RowNo
42740Jobs that Call Stored Procedures Cause an AV When ExecutedNo
42742Selecting Close All Menu Option in ElevateDB Manager Causes Focus ErrorNo
42743Creating a New Session in the ElevateDB Manager Causes an AVYes
42744Executing a Query That Generates an Insensitive Result Set on the LogEvents Table Causes HangYes
42746UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT Queries with an ORDER BY Clause on Columns Not in the SELECT List Causes AVYes
42747GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES Statement Not Working ProperlyYes
42748Functions That Return DECIMAL/NUMERIC Values with a Scale Round Off Values IncorrectlyYes
42750Using a CONTAINS Wildcard Search in an Un-Optimized WHERE Condition Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
42751Loading More Than One Instance of an External Module Can Cause Module Load FailureNo
42752Using Compression with SAVE UPDATES and Published Tables Can Cause Uncompress ErrorYes
42756CASTing an INTEGER to an INTERVAL Type Causes ErrorNo
42757Improper Session Termination Can Cause Runaway CPU Consumption On One ProcessorNo
42760Executing an Un-Optimized Locate On a Ranged TEDBTable Component Can Cause Incorrect Row DisplayYes
42761Using Locate On Columns That Use Index Other than Active Index Can Cause Improper Row PositioningYes
42763Altering a Foreign Key Constraint Can Cause #401 ErrorNo
42764Compound Primary Key Columns Are Not All Having NOT NULL Constraint EnforcedNo
42765Dead Sessions that Contain Sensitive Query Result Sets that Reference Functions Can Cause AVNo
42766AVG, STDDEV, and RUNSUM Functions Return NULL When Used in ExpressionsNo
42767LIST Aggregate Function Not Not Resetting for Grouped QueriesNo
42768Updating a TEDBQuery with a TClientDataSet Causes ErrorYes
42771Adding a Constraint or Index with Large Page Size Requirement Can Cause ErrorYes
42772Remote TEDBTable Components with Empty Ranges Can Display Invalid Empty RowsNo
42773Closing Master Table in Master-Detail Link with Server Down and No OnReconnect Event Causes AVYes
42774Posting Changes to a Row After a Transaction Commit/Rollback Can Cause Row Unlock ErrorYes
42775SetRange Can Result In Incorrect Ranges of Rows with Unique IndexesNo
42776ElevateDB .Net Data Provider Can Experience Index Out of Range with Certain QueriesNo
52779ElevateDB Manager Not Handling Large Fonts CorrectlyNo
52784Using Optimistic Locking Can Cause Row Lock Errors When Updating More than One RowNo
52786Using an Active Index that Includes a GUID or CHAR Column Can Cause AV in TEDBTableNo
52787TEDBTable CancelRange Does Not Cancel Range Completely When Used with Un-Optimized FilterNo
52788Using a RANGE Clause with Multiple Correlated Sub-Queries Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
52792Stopping the ElevateDB Server While Sessions Are Connected Can Cause AV in Remote SessionsNo
52793Delphi 5 Loses All Settings when ElevateDB Design-Time Package is LoadedNo
52794Migration of Table Data that Contain BLOB Columns Fails with ExceptionNo
52797TEDBQuery OnProgress Event Handler Firing Continuously When Progress Hits 100%Yes
52800A Write Error During the Final Portion of an Alter Table Can Cause Version Mismatch Errors for TableNo
52802Using Computed Expressions in Derived Tables Results in Conversion ErrorNo
52805Using Remove Server Session Task Link in ElevateDB Manager Can Cause ErrorNo
52806Restoring a Backup to an In-Memory Database Causes an Exception When Restored Tables Are OpenedNo
52807Incorrect Error Position Indicated When Comments are Present in SQL StatementYes
52808ElevateDB .NET Data Provider Visual Studio Plugin Contains Incorrect Assembly ReferenceNo
52809Transaction Commit or Rollback Can Cause an AVNo
52811Sessions that Contain Functions that Reference Other Functions Cause AV During Dead Session RemovalNo
52812Changing the Active Index in TEDBTable with an Active OnFilterRecord Event Handler Causes ErrorNo
52813UNIQUE Constraints Not Being Enforced Properly When NULLs Present in Constraint ColumnsNo
52815Calling Refresh After Setting a Range Can Cause Invalid Blank Rows with Remote SessionsNo
52816Executing a SELECT Statement with a JOIN Containing a Filter Condition Only Causes AVYes
52817Executing a Query with a Parameterized IN Sub-Query Returns Same Results with Different ParametersNo
52818IGNORE MISSING UPDATES Clause Not Working for LOAD UPDATES StatementNo
52853Installation of .NET Data Provider Does Not Work Properly with Visual Studio Server ExplorerYes

Minor Problems

12700Reverse-Engineering Text Indexes Causes Incorrect Generation of INDEXED WORD LENGTH ValueNo
12702Restoring State of ElevateDB Manager Can Cause PageIndex ErrorNo
12711ElevateDB Manager Does Not Allow for Modification of Case-Insensitivity for IndexesNo
32727Creating or Altering Local Stores Does Not Save the DescriptionNo
42733ElevateDB Command-Line Server Missing .INI Entries for Catalog Name and Publish Files ExtensionNo
42736Block Labels Not Being Parsed Correctly in SQL/PSM RoutinesNo
42741Manual Indicates Incorrect Error Code for EDB_ERROR_LOGIN Error IdentifierNo
42745Newly-Created Objects Not Showing in Main Properties Page List View in ElevateDB ManagerYes
42749Manual Incorrectly States that SQL/PSM RAISE Statement Can Only Be Used in EXCEPTION BlockNo
42753SQL Manual Has Incorrect Syntax for CREATE/ALTER TABLE PUBLISH COMPRESSION ClauseNo
42754ElevateDB VCL Manual Has Incorrect Usage Links for TEDBDatabase StartTransaction MethodNo
42758Altering an External Function and Changing it to an SQL/PSM Function Does Not WorkYes
42759Altering a Column in the Alter Table Dialog in ElevateDB Manager Causes Constraint Column DuplicatesNo
42762Reverse-Engineering Converts RESTRICT Foreign Key Constraint Actions to NO ACTIONNo
42770Using a LIST Aggregate Function in Another Expression Causes ErrorYes
42777Trying to Load SQL File From a Non-Existent Path Can Cause AV on Database Close in EDB ManagerNo
52780ElevateDB Manager Not Showing Progress Accurately During Long ProcessesNo
52789SQL Manual Has Incorrect Information Regarding Primary Key BehaviorNo
52790SQL Help Files Were Not Updated ProperlyNo
52795Editing a Session in the ElevateDB Manager Can Cause "Session Name is Missing" ErrorYes
52796FreeNotification Not Being Removed Properly for Destroyed TEDBDatabase ComponentsNo
52798Internal OnFilterRecord Method Does not Handle Exceptions ProperlyNo
52799Using the RANGE Clause with Sensitive Result Sets Can Result in Incorrect ResultsYes
52804Using an ORDER BY with a UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT Query and a Column Correlation Name Causes ErrorNo
52810Opening a Table with an Invalid Filter Prevents Table Open from OccurringYes
52814SQL Manual Shows Incorrect Syntax for SQL/PSM IF StatementNo