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Serious Serious
Reported By: Raul Sinimae
Reported On: 11/10/2015
For: Version 2.02 Build 4
# 4295 Invalid Child Controls Allowed to be Parented to Controls

I have a test project I successfully broke by playing with layout in designed only - I believe I was trying to paste a regular panel (with some buttons on it) onto a scrollpanel control (i.e. select tpanel, Crtl+X, select TScrollpanel and hit Ctrl+V).

Error i'm getting is :

Error loading the Form1 form:

Error dispatching design-time event for ScrollPanel1 instance:


"Internal error (Value conversion error)"

Stack Trace:

Visible in unit WebCtrls at 1473,20
SetVisible(Visible) in unit WebCtrls at 370,58
UpdateScrollBars() in unit WebCtrls at 2869,4
DoClientSize() in unit WebCtrls at 1612,16

Comments Comments
The problem was that the TScrollPanel was pasted into a TGrid instance, which the form designer/TControl parenting code was allowing. This was also a potential issue with TPagePanel, TToolBar, and TMenu controls. The TControl parenting code now allows the parent and child to both perform type checks on the corresponding parent or child.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 11/10/2015 in version 2.03 build 1

Products Affected Products Affected
Elevate Web Builder
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