Icon Introduction

ElevateDB maintains information about both the system configuration and each of the databases contained within a given configuration. The information about the system configuration is stored in a special system-generated Configuration database.

Each database, including the Configuration database, contains two schemas:

InformationContains tables describing the objects contained within the database. See the Information Schema topic for more information on the tables contained with the Information schema for each database.
DefaultContains the actual objects contained within the database.

SQL 2003 Standard Deviations
The following areas are where ElevateDB deviates from the SQL 2003 standard:

Configuration DatabaseThe SQL standard does not specify any system-generated databases holding system information.
SchemasThe SQL standard dictates a different name for the information schema along with the ability to define more than two schemas. In addition, the tables contained within the ElevateDB Informaton schema are different from the standard.