Icon Web Server Applications

The interface of an Elevate Web Builder server application has the following structure:


A server application uses a global instance of the TWebServerRequestManager class called RequestManager to manage all aspects of the incoming web server request. The TWebServerRequestManager class and all related classes, types, and functions/procedures are declared in the WebSrvr unit included with the standard component library. The incoming request is represented by an instance of the TWebServerRequest class, which is itself a descendant of the base THTTPServerRequest class.

Core Application Components
The server application functionality contains several core components, all residing in the WebRequest unit in the standard component library.

An instance of the TApplication component is automatically created when the WebRequest unit is initialized, and is available as the global Application variable (also in the WebRequest unit). The TApplication component allows the developer to manage various aspects of the application such as the application title and version.

The TRequestHandler component encapsulates a request handler in a server application. Request handlers are a non-visual container in which other non-visual components can reside. Request handlers can be designated as auto-create designer instances in a project and the IDE will automatically add the appropriate code to the program source of the project for creating the request handlers at application startup. Please see the Modifying Project Options topic for more information on designating request handlers as auto-create designer instances. The TRequestHandler class can be found in the WebRequest unit.