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Icon Casual Friday for Week Ending April 9th

Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Apr 12 2010
Last Friday was part of Easter weekend, so I skipped the Casual Friday post. The post this week is a little late due to my having to spend last Thursday and Friday switching my development environment from my old Windows XP Pentium D box to a new Dell XPS 9000. I've been putting off the switch to a new machine for at least a year now, dreading what I would encounter when trying to switch everything from XP to Windows 7. Fortunately, things went fairly smoothly and the most time-consuming portion of the switch was simply transferring the 200+GB of data and programs from the XP machine. The big problem I have now is that all of the ElevateDB and DBISAM performance tests are twice as fast, and so I need to re-adjust my point of reference as to what constitutes "fast". Smile

2.03 Build 10 Status

I have been working on some new performance improvements to the ElevateDB ALTER TABLE statement over the last couple of weeks, and they will be available as part of the 2.03 Build 10 release. These improvements are especially significant for very large tables (greater than 1 million rows) and should make database schema upgrades much less painful in terms of down time. 2.03 Build 10 should be available sometime this week.

Google Analytics

One of my favorite new things is looking at the statistics generated by Google Analytics. During the rollout of the new web site in early March, all of the web pages were set up to use Google Analytics to generate traffic statistics. The information that is generated by this free service is fascinating, and gives me a fantastic amount of information about how our site is being used, and where the site traffic is coming from. I definitely recommend it for analyzing your web site traffic.

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