Icon DBISAM 4.29 Build 3 Released

Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Mar 29 2010
DBISAM 4.29 Build 3 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. This build contains bug fixes for several incident reports, which are detailed here. In addition, there are some critical fixes for the DBISAM Database Server included in this build. Please see the release notes provided with the build for more information.

DBISAM Utilities Poll

If you haven't seen it yet, or put in your vote yet, please make sure to stop by the home page of the web site and take a moment to vote on the latest poll. The question is regarding the DBISAM utilities and whether or not they should be updated to offer better functionality. We're considering updating the utilities to improve some of the areas where their user interfaces are outdated, or lack some features that would be useful, such as syntax highlighting in the SQL editor.

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