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Icon Elevate Web Builder 1.01 Released

Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Oct 25 2012
Elevate Web Builder 1.01 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. You can view the release notes, including any breaking changes, on the download page before downloading.

Elevate Web Builder 1.01 now includes several new significant features:
  • External Web Server

    An external web server (ewbsrvr.exe) is now included with Elevate Web Builder, and can be deployed royalty-free to as many customers as necessary. The web server includes complete dataset support and allows the installation of web server modules for customizing the web server behavior. This means that you now have a complete front-end and back-end solution for developing complete web applications on the Windows platform. To find out more information on the web server, please click on the following link:

    Using the Web Server

  • Web Server Modules

    You can now also create web server modules for use with the Elevate Web Builder Web Server using Delphi XE or higher. These modules can respond to custom server requests from an Elevate Web Builder application, allowing you to offload computationally-intensive code to the back-end, as well as re-using much of your existing native Delphi code with Elevate Web Builder. To find out more information on the modules, please click on one of the following links:

    Elevate Web Builder Modules Manual for RAD Studio XE (Delphi)

    Elevate Web Builder Modules Manual for RAD Studio XE2 (Delphi Win32)

    Elevate Web Builder Modules Manual for RAD Studio XE3 (Delphi Win32)

  • ADO DataSet Support

    You can now define datasets that use ADO/OLEDB/ODBC access.

  • Multiple Web Server Support

    The Elevate Web Builder IDE now allows you to register multiple web servers in the IDE using the Environment Options dialog. You can also easily select the target web server for the current project using a combo box that is now present on the main toolbar. When an external web server is selected, the IDE will use the defined URL for the web server to run the current application project in the IDE, making it very simple to prototype and test an application in its deployed environment.

  • Deploy On Run Support

    In addition to the multiple web server support, you can now configure projects to automatically deploy when they are run in the IDE via the Deployment page of the Project Options dialog. This means that you can set up the deployment options to have the project output automatically transferred to an external web server, and then run the application from that same web server, all by simply running the project in the IDE.

  • ShowHint Support

    The framework now includes ShowHint and ParentShowHint properties for all applicable components, allowing you to select when/where you wish to have hints displayed for the various components in the framework.
Unfortunately, NexusDB dataset support did not make it into this release, but will be included shortly in a new build.

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