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Posted by Tim Young on Wed, Aug 26 2015
Elevate Web Builder 2.01 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

2.01 Breaking Changes
The following are breaking changes in Elevate Web Builder 2.01:
  • The parameters for the TReader constructor and Initialize method have been changed.

  • The class for the TImage ContentLayout property has been changed so that it mirrors the background image layout options. You will need to reset the ContentLayout property settings for any TImage controls created using the initial Elevate Web Builder 2 release.

  • Per this incident report:

    # 4196 Line Separators Incorrectly Set to Only LF Instead of CRLF in List-Based Controls

    the TListBox, TEditComboBox, and TButtonComboBox Items properties, as well as the TMultiLineEdit Lines property must be reset if they have been assigned values at design-time using the initial Elevate Web Builder 2 release.

  • The Elevate Web Builder Web Server now automatically handles cross-resource origin headers for modules, so you do not need to manually handle such HTTP headers in your module code.

  • The Elevate Web Builder Web Server now automatically assigns URL authentication parameters (user=<UserName&password=<Password>) to the RequestUser and RequestPassword properties of the incoming TEWBServerRequest instance passed in to web server modules. This is in addition to alread automatically handling any custom Elevate Web Builder HTTP authentication headers (X-EWBUser and X-EWBPassword).
2.01 Improvements
The following are included improvements in Elevate Web Builder 2.01:
  • A new TControl Animations property that can be used to set up animations for the Left, Top, Width, Height, Opacity, and Visible properties of controls.

  • You can now use the TLayout Overflow property to implement flow and responsive design layouts.

  • There are new TCalendar and TDateEditComboBox controls for date selection.

  • There is a new TMenu control for displaying vertical menus.

  • There is a new TIconButton control for using icons like buttons.

  • The TButton control now has an Icon property that you can use to specify an icon that will appear to the left of the caption on the button.

  • There is a new TMap control for accessing Google Maps, including geocoding and marker support.

  • There are new ctIcon, ctImage, and ctDateEditComboBox TGridColumnControlType members for the TGridColumn ControlType property, allowing icons, images, and date edit combo boxes to used with grid columns.

  • There is a new TGrid AlwaysShowControls property for ensuring that grid column controls are always visible and don't need to be specifically enabled.

  • You can now control the appearance of individual cells within a grid column using the TGridColumn OnCellUpdate event.

  • There are new TGrid OnColumnChanged and OnRowChanged events for detecting when the grid's ColumnIndex and RowIndex properties change.

  • There are new TGridColumn OnEnter and OnExit events that are fired as focus shifts to or from a grid column.

  • For un-bound grids, you can now sort the rows using the TGrid SortRows method. In addition, you can use the TGridColumn OnCompare event to customize the sort.

  • For un-bound grids, you can save/load grid rows to/from JSON using the TGrid GetRows and LoadRows methods.

  • There is a new TServerRequest Timeout property (and a corresponding TDatabase Timeout property) for specifying request timeouts.

  • There is a new Refresh method for the TImage, TPlugin, and TBrowser controls for refreshing their content without having to modify their URL property. This is useful when the content changes on the server, but the URL does not.

  • There is a new TDialogCaptionBar AllowMove property that can be used to specify that a TDialog can be moved by dragging the caption bar, and a corresponding property for the TPanelCaptionBar and TPanel controls.

  • There is a new TControl DefineLayout method for "pegging" a control to its current layout bounds.

  • There is a new public (not published) TControl ClientID property that you can use to specify the unique HTML ID for the client UI element of a control. This is useful when you need to identify the element from external JavaScript.

  • The emit clause for external classes now allows for namespaces with periods (this.is.a.namespace).

  • The compiler now includes support for function/procedure references.

  • The Ord function can now be used with Boolean values (0=False, 1=True).

  • There are new DateTimeToISOStr and ISOStrToDateTime functions for converting to/from ISO 8601 date/time strings. These functions are useful when used with non-EWB REST APIs that use this date format to eliminate ambiguities with timezones/UTC.

  • The TReader and TWriter classes now include a DateTimeFormat parameter in their constructors for specifying how date/time values should be handled when being read/written as JSON: as raw integer values (the default), or as ISO 8601 strings.

  • There is a new WebDSnap unit containing a class called TDataSnapResult that can be used as a base class for creating classes for reading Delphi/C++Builder DataSnap JSON results from a server request

  • There is a new AuthenticateUser method and a new OnAuthenticateUser event for automating user authentication in web server modules.

  • There are new SendContentHeader and SendCustomContentHeader methods for handling HEAD requests in web server modules.

  • There are new SendContentStream, and SendCustomContentStreammethods for sending content in streams as responses from web server modules.

  • There are new HeaderExists, ParseHeader, and ParseHeaderAttribute methods for working with HTTP headers in web server modules.

  • The Elevate Web Builder Web Server now handles PUT and DELETE requests and will relay them on to web server modules.

  • The IDE now detects external source modifications, and will reload the modifications into the code editor.

  • There are two new code editor options in the Environment Options dialog: wrap-around and external source modification prompts.

  • New entire scope option for the find/replace bars in the code editor, and the find/replace bars now wrap their contents as the width of the IDE shrinks

  • There are new default project options for automatically saving project files before compilation, saving/restoring non-project files, default form class for new forms, and whether new forms are automatically set as auto-create in the Environment Options dialog.

  • New project, unit, form, and interface file naming is more logical now, and based upon the contents of the applicable current directory, as opposed to a base name with an ever-increasing, incremented file name suffix

  • New animation layout example project that demonstrates how to use the TControl Animations property to build animations.

  • New responsive layout example project that demonstrates how to build a responsive layout using the new TLayout Overflow property.

  • New PDF Client and PDF Module example projects that show how to dynamically return a PDF file as a content response from an Elevate Web Builder module.

  • New maps example project that shows how to use the new TMap control to display and manipulate maps using the Google Maps API.

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