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Posted by Tim Young on Tue, Oct 13 2015
Elevate Web Builder 2.02 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

2.02 Breaking Changes
The following are breaking changes in Elevate Web Builder 2.02:
  • The TInterfaceManager.Scheduler property has been removed, replaced with a new async keyword (see below for more information on this).

  • Layout consumption is now based upon the maximum consumption rectangle now, instead of the last element's consumption rectange. This provides a more logical layout behavior, especially with flow layouts.

  • The "Hot" control interface state is now given preference over the "Focused" state with mouse-overs.

  • The TPanel control interface's Visibility propety changed for the Client element.

  • The TPanel control interface's Base and Client element backgrounds are now styled differently in order to allow proper use with height animations.

  • The TGrid*Cell* control interfaces all contained incorrect Focused and Both state property settings for the Border.Top property that would cause unnecessary interface updates during grid cell updates. They should have been the same as the other interface states.

  • The TMenu control interface Padding and Background.Fill.Color property settings added for the Client element.

  • The TEdit, TMultiLineEdit, TEditComboBox, TFileComboBox, TGridEdit, TGridEditComboBox, TGridTextCell, TGridTextCellWithLines, and TGridColumn control interfaces' default Font.Color property changed to clElevateLightBlack in order to provide more contrast for editable text.
2.02 Improvements
The following are included improvements in Elevate Web Builder 2.02:
  • The compiler now supports a new async keyword for executing function/procedure calls asynchronously.

  • The TGrid control navigation/load performance as been greatly increased.

  • There is a new OnAnimationComplete event for all controls that support animation.

  • The entire selected row is now highlighted for the "Hot" interface state in the TGrid control when its RowSelect property is True.

  • There is a new TBalloonLabel control and control interface added for displaying text in a word balloon.

  • There are new OnEnter and OnExit events for the TMenu control.

  • There is a new TMenuItemSeparator control interface.

  • There is a new TMenuAddSeparatorButton control interface.

  • There is a new DropDownPosition property for the TEditComboBox, TDateEditComboBox, TButtonComboBox, and TGridColumn controls for specifying whether the associated drop-down control should be placed relative to the owner control's position, or positioned in the center of the application surface.

  • There is a new Responsive Panels example project added that shows how to use the layout overflow functionality to create flow layouts.

  • New keystrokes in the form/control interface designer: the up/down arrow keys select controls/elements in layout order and the ctrl+up/down arrow keys select controls/elements in tab order, making the selected control/element visible, if necessary. This is useful for verifying layout/tab ordering, as well as finding any "stray" controls/elements that are not visible because they are beyond the bounds of their container.

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