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Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Nov 12 2015
Elevate Web Builder 2.03 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

This release contains several bug fixes, which are detailed here. In addition to these bug fixes, there are the following breaking changes and enhancements:

2.03 Breaking Changes
The following are breaking changes in Elevate Web Builder 2.03:
  • There is a new Automatically load custom control interfaces in project search paths option in the Environment Options that, when enabled, causes the IDE to automatically load any custom control interface files located in the project's compiler search paths whenever a project is opened in the IDE. This option is enabled, by default, which could cause the forms to appear differently in the form designer than in prior releases. Also, if you have previously added custom control interface paths to the component library's search paths (also in the Environment Options dialog), you should move these paths into your application project's compiler search paths in order to allow this new functionality to work.

  • The Random function has been changed, and now returns a pseudorandom integer value between the from and to parameters (default 0 and High(Integer), respectively). The previous version of the function returned a floating-point value between 0 and 1, which was generally not as useful.
2.03 Improvements
The following are included improvements in Elevate Web Builder 2.03:
  • The TDataColumn class now has two new properties, Calculated and ReadOnly, for defining calculated and read-only columns, respectively. For more information on calculated columns, please see the Calculated Columns topic in the manual.

  • There is a new TAlertLabel control for showing alerts that can be closed by the user.

  • There is a new TAddress class and global Address instance variable in the WebComps unit for working with the browser address bar. You can use this functionality to provide anchor (#) manipulation and handling in your application. Anchors are useful for allowing forward/back navigation of various areas in your application via the browser because they do not cause the application to be unloaded during navigation.

  • There is a new ActivateOnClick property for the TBasicPanel, TPanel, and TScrollPanel controls that allows you to specify that you want any clicks on the container control, or any child controls contained within it, should activate (bring forward in the stacking order) the panel.

  • There is a new TGrid ColumnHeadersHeight property for specifying the height of the grid column headers.

  • There is a new TModalOverlay CloseOnClick property for specifying that the modal overlay should close all modal forms when clicked (default is False).

  • There is a new TCalendar DefaultView property for specifying the default (and minimum allowed) view for the calendar. This is useful for allowing the user to select a month, year, or decade. In addition, the TGridColumn control has additional calendar properties, including a calendar default view property.

  • There is a new TControl SlideTo method for performing an animated slide to a specific location.

  • There is a new OnAnimationsComplete event for all controls that support animation. This event is fired when all active animations complete, which is useful when executing multiple, simultaneous animations with a control.

  • There is a new Application Viewport ScrollBy method for programmatically scrolling the browser viewport.

  • There is a new Application IdleTimeout property and OnIdle event for handling inactivity (no keyboard, mouse, or touch actions) timeouts in your application.

  • The IDE's Run menu now contains a Parameters menu option that can be used to specify parameters to the URL used for running the appliction in the internal browser in the IDE.

  • The Project Manager now includes an Open Project Folder button and context menu item.

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