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Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Dec 27 2018
Elevate Web Builder 2.06 Build 20 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

The breaking changes and new features are below:

2.06 Build 20 Breaking Changes
The following are breaking changes in 2.06 Build 20:
  • Date and time columns are no longer localized at all, and are always treated as UTC values. This is due to the fact that Chrome and other browsers are starting to implement historical daylight savings time offsets, thus making it impossible to localize standalone date or time values that don't contain the relevant portion of the date/time that affects how the values are localized. Combined Date/time (timestamp) columns can still be localized according to the TDataSet LocalizeDateTimeColumns property along with the Localize date/time columns option in the dataset definition in the Database Manager.

  • The Elevate Web Builder Web Server no longer shows a user interface when installed and run as a Windows service. In conjunction with this change, the No User Interface ewbsrvr.ini setting is no longer used.
2.06 Build 20 Improvements
The following are new features and enhancements in 2.06 Build 20:

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